How to Create a Shabby Chic Interior – Shabby chic design creates order from the chaos at surface level. This is achieved through the use of vintage accents and wooden furniture. It allows you to rearrange and experiment with your interior, and there are so many unique items you can pick up from everywhere. These are a few tips to help you create a shabby chic interior. Moreover, these design ideas will fit in perfectly with any type of decor.

Key Features of Decorative Furniture

Decorative furniture is another key feature of this interior design style. Antique pieces can be paired with distressed wooden ones for a more rustic effect. Such pieces are usually covered in ornate carvings. If you are unsure about where to find such items, try visiting flea markets and antique stores. For example, glass bottles are great for keeping fresh flowers, while antique mirrors and books are great displays. There are endless ways to decorate a room with a shabby chic style.

The combination of upscale accents on weathered materials creates a sophisticated look. Shabby chic decor is often referred to as French country, as it blends baroque style with rustic form. It exudes nostalgia and comfort while adding sophistication to a room. While it originated in France, shabby chic has evolved through the decades. Ashwell and Louis XV inspired a variation on the look of the interior, which is still very popular today.

Furniture is a key part of a shabby chic interior. Furniture that is ratty and worn is a key part of the decor. Furniture items can be painted or stained to add texture and a rustic ambiance. Furniture can also be made from salvaged materials, including wicker and wrought iron. If you’re not sure what to buy, a mismatched pair of chairs will do the trick.

Tips For Choosing Accessories

When it comes to accessories, shabby chic decor is best used in bedrooms. You can rough up a bed frame, add a little wear to the handles of wardrobes, or even hang French vintage style wall art. The possibilities are endless with a shabby chic bedroom. It’s your bedroom, so go ahead and experiment! You can use muted pastel colors or opulent bright colors.

Soft pastel colors create a contrast between contrasting textures and add a romantic mood to a shabby chic space. These colors also contrast well with white furniture and floors. Wallpapers featuring floral patterns can be used to highlight these colors, which is also a common feature of shabby chic design. So, get inspired by your favorite pieces of furniture, soft furnishings, and wall color! You can create your own shabby chic interior with style and ease!

Aside from vintage furniture, shabby chic also emphasizes a casual, lived-in look. To achieve this look, you should choose soft shades of pink, white, or light green. Those shades will give your space a romantic ambience and contrast beautifully with the antique accessories, decorative details, and accessories. If you love the style, shabby chic interior design will be the perfect choice for you! So, get creative and take risks!

Great Feature of Shabby Chic Decor

Another great feature of shabby chic decor is the way it emphasizes balance. Choose silver accents and other metallic pieces, as they strike the right balance between the old and new. Alternatively, you can use weathered brick walls to create a more contemporary look. You can even use vintage-style chandeliers to achieve the same effect. In addition to this, LED-powered lanterns are a sweet and versatile way to add a little glam to a shabby chic interior.

Adding shabby chic interior design elements to your home is a great way to give a drab space a new lease on life. Besides transforming plain spaces into beautiful places, shabby chic design also makes rooms seem cozy and comfortable. You will be able to enjoy the look of your new home for years to come. So, take advantage of all the benefits that come with shabby chic interior design!

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