Industrial Style Home Design –¬†Industrial-style home design combines a variety of materials. For example, this rendering shows a mix of dark panel and light vertical siding with earthy colors like concrete and wood. Displaying machine parts is another key industrial element. Rusty cogs, cutting wheels and toothsome gears supply silhouettes, interesting patinas and captivating color that warm up monochromatic rooms.

Popular Choice for Industrial Style Home Designs

A natural color palette is a popular choice for industrial-style home design. This type of color scheme uses earthy colors like tans, browns, and greens to create a natural feel in a room. This type of color scheme can be complemented with a variety of textures such as leather and concrete. Metal accents are also a common feature of industrial design. They can be found in light fixtures, furniture legs, and more. You can use a range of metal finishes to match your style, from shiny silver to rusty iron.

Exposed brick walls are common in industrial-style homes, as are exposed beams and concrete floors. If you have these features in your home, you should make sure to keep them intact. A rough brick wall will look even more authentic if it is left exposed and not covered up with paint or wallpaper. Industrial style, once thought of as a look only suitable for loft apartment spaces, is now one of the most popular home designs. As the name suggests, it has its roots in cavernous warehouses and factories that have been transformed into homes and offices.

Tips to Increase the Attractiveness of Industrial Spaces

Since industrial design began in large, open rooms, high ceilings are also a hallmark of the style. Rather than splitting a space into separate kitchen, dining and living areas, many homeowners choose to keep things simple with an open floor plan. Low profile furniture and minimalist features work well with the style, but bringing in some contrasting textures can warm things up. Concrete elements are great, but rust, wood and brick tones can also work if they’re kept in neutral colors. Hanging framed vintage photographs or abstract paintings also adds interest to an industrial room.

Industrial style home design often uses a variety of textures and materials to create an interesting and balanced look. From raw concrete and steel to wood girders, this style is a great choice for homes that want a neutral color palette with a unique flair. Metal lighting fixtures are an important part of this style, and they come in a range of shades that can work with any color scheme. Coppers and brasses add a rich, earthy feel while pewters offer a more refined touch.

Looks Suitable When Combined with Live Green Plants

Metal furniture is also a staple of industrial style. For instance, this wood and metal hall tree combines function and style for a stylish welcome in an entryway. It features multiple hooks and a shelf for storage to keep coats, bags and shoes organized. A metal sconce with a theater-style spotlight and accordion extender adds another industrial touch to the piece. This fixture would look at home in a modern industrial room as well as a rustic country kitchen. Industrial decor is all about highlighting existing elements and respecting the history they conjure. This look does not have to be cold or lifeless, in fact, it thrives when paired with living greenery and metal accent pieces.

This style loves open spaces and highlighting building materials like brick, iron, concrete, and reclaimed wood. It also allows for an uncluttered look with a mix of clean straight lines and more sinuous curves. Industrial-style homes are the perfect place for large plants to thrive. They tend to have a rough element to them so try reclaimed wood or concrete planters. A great plant for this design is the Strelitzia Nicolai, which has long stems that have large voluptuous leaves and is sure to be a showstopper in any room. This plant is also very easy to maintain and would look amazing in a square concrete planter! We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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