Victorian Apartment Interior Design – In other words, a Victorian apartment means any residential dwelling built during the reign of Victoria, England. Over the years, many millions of Victorian homes have been built, making them a classic example of quality and style. During the Industrial Revolution and subsequent housing boom, the construction of many new millions of Victorian homes was a defining characteristic of many modern cities and towns.

Criteria for the Ideal Victorian Apartment

An ideal Victorian apartment should have two levels: a first level which contain the living area, and a second level which contain the bedrooms. This design is characteristic of the period styles that were common during the Victorian era. Many modern apartments feature only a single level with either a bedroom or a mud room below. Such a design can be cramped and does not allow for a feeling of spaciousness. A Victorian apartment should have at least two levels, ideally three or more.

A Victorian apartment should be furnished to achieve a feeling of warmth and contentment. In fact, many people mistakenly think that this style of residence is outdated today, as many have outdated and uncomfortable furniture and furnishings. However, an attractive Victorian apartment will look out of date even before it starts to deteriorate! The primary considerations that you need to keep in mind when selecting your Victorian apartment are to choose appropriate furniture, such as well-chosen pieces of furniture that complement your home interior and compliment its decor and paint colour. It is also important to choose a suitable finish for your walls, such as wallpapered walls, white walls, natural wood floors and velvet curtains.

Bright Colors Complement Victoria Apartments

One very effective way to complement your Victorian apartment is to choose a light colour scheme. The walls of the Victorian apartment walls must be painted with a light colour, usually white to give them a sense of depth and light. They should be painted with a soft shade of cream or off-white, which will give a feeling of richness, but not appear to be gaudy. For the windows, choose either light coloured window curtains or shutters. Blinds, if desired, can be chosen from a range of fabric designs and colours.

To give your Victorian apartment a warm and charming feel, add a ceramic sink and a vintage-style, French door refrigerator to the design! You can also add interesting items such as vintage-style bookcases, old fashioned telephones with white or yellow covers, old fashioned wicker baskets, unusual and quirky dovetail table lamps, and oversized vintage picture frames. Remember that you will be the centre of attention in the living room, so choose items that are both functional and stylish, such as whimsical cast iron kitchen pots, old-fashioned salt and pepper shakers and old-fashioned glass coasters. Many people choose unusual, quirky items as centre pieces, such as unusual wooden or crystal bowls, vases with unique shapes and unusual bottle openers.

Consideration of Suitable Furniture to Use

For the furniture, think about using an antique style table and chairs in neutral tones, such as cream or off-white. You could go for a plain, white dining table, or choose an antique, cream decorated table that is painted in white or cream colours. For seating, you could consider painting your wooden chairs in various pastel colours, or add cushions painted in bright and pastel colours to your chairs.

One thing to remember when adding furnishings to your Victorian apartment is that it should appear to be larger than it actually is. So, avoid bold and strong colour combinations, such as dark reds, tangerine and lime green. Choose simple and classical colours, such as cream, blue, gold, cream and off-white. Use furniture with broad bases, such as a table with an extra long stem.

Finally, on the first and second floors of your Victorian apartment, you should consider painting the walls in a neutral colour. Paint your walls in a cream, beige or off-white. You may also want to add up some curtains or blinds on the master bedroom, so that the colour scheme in the bedroom does not become too extreme. Remember, the walls in your bedroom should be painted a pale, white colour, so that it does not stand out. This will give your bedroom a more spacious appearance, as opposed to a small room on the ground floor of your house.

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