Mediterranean Living in a Small Mediterranean Apartment – With a blue-toned colour palette and natural timbers, this Mediterranean home on Sydney’s northern beaches feels warm and welcoming. The Block royalty, Kyal and Kara, put their signature spin on the style in this family home.

Design to Add a Typical Mediterranean Look

Incorporate natural materials such as stone and terra-cotta in your design to add the characteristic look of Mediterranean properties. You can also use patterned or textured tile for an accent wall. Incorporating natural materials like jute rugs, wood coffee tables, rattan chairs and stone accents is essential to Mediterranean design. Layering these natural decorative objects in a living room can instantly make it feel more organic and refined.

Because the Mediterranean region is so sunny, this style of home typically places a high emphasis on natural light. Bringing in as much natural light as possible can help a space look bigger and brighter, as well as boost a mood. One easy way to bring a touch of the Mediterranean into a living room is to add decorative arches. Whether they’re painted, wallpapered or simply adorned with beautiful drapes, arches elevate the eye and make a statement.

Lastly, be sure to use plenty of Mediterranean-inspired colors in your living room. Zesty limes, tangy tangerines and luscious lemons are some of the most popular color choices in this design style. Mix them with neutrals to keep things feeling balanced and cohesive. A definite staple of Mediterranean design, terra-cotta tiles can be used in countless ways throughout your home. Mixing them with a variety of other materials—like wood and natural stone—can create an incredibly elegant look, as shown here in the dining room designed by robertaeaston. The oversized red clay tile work is an homage to Spanish craftsmanship, while the stucco walls give a nod to Old World style.

How to Incorporate Mediterranean Elements into a Room

Another way to incorporate Mediterranean elements into your space is to add textured accents to your decor. From jute rugs to ceramic lamps and woven baskets, these natural decorations will help bring a Mediterranean feel to any room. Since the Mediterranean is a sunny, warm region that offers gorgeous vistas, it’s often important to make your outdoor spaces feel just as well-decorated as your indoor ones. As a result, many Mediterranean homes seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living by creating seating areas in common rooms like this one from jaccardinteriors.

Adding elements that have a rustic look to the kitchen can help evoke the Mediterranean style. Metal is also commonly found in this style of design. For example, wrought iron patterns on cabinet doors and cabinets are common. Mesh door designs and engraved crests are other options. These elements add to the warmth of the space. Another way to bring Mediterranean design to the kitchen is by incorporating open shelving. Rustic ceramic pieces and houseplants can be displayed on these shelves. They can be mixed with fancier decorative items like candles and vases. Creating a balance in the design is important.

Maximizing Sunlight in a Room

Since Mediterranean homes are built in warm climates, the interior design usually emphasizes natural light. Large windows and sheer curtains are often used to maximize sunlight in a room. This helps keep rooms from feeling too dark or stifling. Bringing in natural lighting will also help boost moods and increase energy levels. In Mediterranean homes, the indoor and outdoor spaces blend seamlessly. To achieve this effect, designers often use natural materials like stone and terra-cotta outside as well as inside. They also favor neutral lightweight fabrics like linen and strategically add pops of color, like a red door or blue accent wall, to brighten things up.

Since Mediterranean countries have warm, sunny climates, homeowners typically incorporate plenty of natural light into their home designs. Whether through large windows or sheer curtains, the addition of light can make rooms feel larger and brighter. To discover the perfect Mediterranean-style home plan for your lifestyle and budget, use our advanced search engine. From there, you can narrow down your options by adding specific design elements that are most important to you. We have 1,600 Mediterranean-style house plans to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right fit! Click here to start your home design journey.

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