Mediterranean Home Office Decor – Work from home has become an integral part of many people’s lives. But that doesn’t mean that your home office needs to feel sterile and neutral.

Carefully Combined and Authentic Decor Elements

With Mediterranean decor and design features, you can transform your space into a welcoming and relaxing work environment. Symmetrical designs are ideal for this decorating style, which can be achieved through various elements like a custom coffered ceiling or Mediterranean wallpaper. When it comes to Mediterranean home offices, you might not need a complete remodel to transform your work area with an authentic vibe. Instead, a few carefully incorporated decor elements can give your room that glowing Mediterranean sheen.

Plaster walls are a popular addition to Mediterranean homes. Considered the umami of architecture, these wall treatments add texture to a space and make it feel alive. “They have dapple, light and shadow,” says Rockwell, who used plaster in this entryway at Melissa Penfold’s country house. If a full-on plaster job isn’t in your budget, you can still achieve a Mediterranean look with a simple limewash paint. This earth-tone pigmented treatment provides a textural appeal similar to plaster without the tricky, pricey installation process. Also, it’s much more forgiving to apply than drywall.

The natural elements of terra-cotta, stone and wrought iron are common in Mediterranean-inspired homes. These materials bring rustic warmth and exotic allure to the style. These homes often have a more integrated interior/exterior design than most other styles of houses. For example, the living room and dining area can flow together to create an expansive space. This style also typically uses tile floors and wrought iron fixtures.

Embrace the Warmth of Mediterranean Style in the Home Office

This home office combines Mediterranean elements to create a comfortable workspace. A rare Persian Bakshaish camelhair runner adds soft contrast to the stone flooring, while a wood and metal desk with an antique carved lion head lends an air of elegance. Embrace the warmth of Mediterranean style in your home office. Plastered walls and terracotta tiles bring the rustic charm of this elegant style. If a full renovation isn’t in the cards for your space, a few carefully incorporated Mediterranean accents can add a hint of beauty to any room.

A statement rustic fireplace is a staple in Mediterranean homes. Decorate the mantelpiece with one or two pieces that strengthen the style, like a rustic framed piece of art or a bespoke patterned vase. The ceiling is an overlooked opportunity to add Mediterranean flair to your home office. A custom cathedral ceiling painted with a beautiful design is a stunning option, but if that’s too grand for your space, a coffered ceiling with lovely lighting can offer the same effect.

While some decorative styles may clash with productivity, Mediterranean features like rounded surfaces and rich textures are not at odds with efficiency and effectiveness. This decorative style embraces natural materials like wood and stone to bring a sense of the outdoors into your home office. A Mediterranean home often feels open and airy thanks to expansive windows that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. This natural connection is further accentuated with gorgeous views and flora, such as the flamboyant bougainvillea that climbs ancient walls and doorways in many Mediterranean countries, which inspires this wallpaper from Cole & Son.

The Perfect Way to Add Character to a Room

Light-colored drapes are common in a Mediterranean-style home, and this rich-textured option from bluecopperdesign complements the color palette of the room. Accessorize with a few artisan art pieces and carved wood furniture for a balanced, authentic look. If you want your home office to exude that timeless ‘gentlemen’s club’ vibe, Mediterranean decor is the perfect way to add character to this space. Plastered walls, terra-cotta floors, and accent additions like marble wall panels all offer great choices that add to the Mediterranean feel.

For those looking for a more modern approach, Mediterranean home offices can be pared down with contemporary lines and trendy accents. Streamlined furniture and decor can sit comfortably alongside traditional elements, as in this stylish home office from Emilie Fournet Interiors. For a beautiful focal point in any Mediterranean home office, consider adding a statement rustic fireplace. If you don’t have the space for a full hearth, a simple mantelpiece decorated with a bespoke framed piece of art or a textured vase can do just as much to strengthen the style. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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