Shabby Chic Bathroom Beauty Design – Shabby chic bathrooms have grown in popularity over the past few years. Many people love the rustic charm that comes with this decorating style. In addition to its charming appearance, the shabby chic bathroom design offers a lot of functionality as well. As bathrooms are often used heavily throughout the day, many manufacturers of bathroom furniture have recognized the need to offer functional pieces that are still attractive. Achieving this goal can be difficult, but it is possible if you have a plan.

An Essential Part of a Shabby Chic Bathroom

An important part of any shabby chic bathroom is the bathroom mirror. Many times a person will add the shabby chic bathroom mirror to their bathroom’s decor, but not think about how it will work with the rest of the room’s decor. In a shabby chic bathroom, the selection of mirrors makes all the difference. The selection of whimsical glass mirrors gives a unique look that complements the other items in the room.

Another thing to think about when planning a beautiful shabby chic bathroom is the lighting. Many times people forget about putting a light fixture on the ceiling. Instead, they opt for recessed lighting that features a candle on each side of the light fixture. Cascading lights are another option that looks really wonderful. Cascading lights provide ambient light without being overpowering.

Consider Using Vintage Furniture

One element of shabby chic bathroom decor that many people overlook is using vintage furniture and antiques. Painted wood, old metal hardware, and bathroom decor accessories can give a vintage look that still works today. If you don’t like antique furniture or don’t have space to display all of your items, then consider using one or two pieces that complement the color scheme of your bathroom. A vanity with a cabinet door that has an accentuated front panel in your favorite color is a great example of this.

Another idea for creating a shabby chic bathroom is to use bathroom decor accessories that have a French country style to them. For example, you could choose to use one or two beautiful faux tapestries as the curtains for your bathroom. When you open the curtains, you will be amazed at how much shabby chic furniture instantly comes to life. You can use your clawfoot tub and shower curtain as the focal point for the room, then fill the rest of the room with other antique or vintage items that coordinate with your tapestries.


The one thing to remember when using white shabby chic bathroom furniture and accessories is to keep everything very clean. By keeping dirt and grime to a minimum, you will be able to ensure that your bathroom looks as good as possible. When using white tiles in your bathroom, it is important to remember to put a light coat of sealant over the tiles so that they remain in great condition through the years.

Pay Attention to the Bathroom Floor Design

If you find that your bathroom floor is showing signs of stains, or the sink is leaking, you should invest in a light weight floor mat for fixing the problem. It is also important that you do not forget the small things like the faucet mount faucets. Usually it is best to avoid using chrome or nickel plated fixtures in a bathroom that is set up on the first floor of your home. While this may give your bathroom a very sophisticated look, it can also cause it to rust easily due to the moisture from the water. This is why it is important that you choose shabby chic bathroom gallery wall mirrors that are made of wrought iron.

One thing that many people tend to overlook when trying to create shabby chic bathrooms is the lighting in the bathroom. Many times people place large chandeliers in these bathrooms which can be a good addition if the size fits the space, but when they try to use them without the shades, they get exposed to a lot of UV rays from the sunlight. As a result, it can damage their skin. As an alternative, you should place chandeliers inside the bathroom which will help add to the elegance and decor but will also provide adequate lighting. To give your bathroom a more unique look, you should choose colors that are either monochromatic or have varying shades of brown.

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