Planning Your New Mid Century Modern Apartment – The architectural style of the mid-century modern apartment is an example of the art of simplicity, with elements of geometric form and free forms. The architecture was derived from a desire to create modern living spaces with as few features as possible, yet to create a building that would be as functional as it was aesthetically pleasing. In its rejection of ornamentation and excess detailing, the architecture of the mid-century modern apartment is at once both simple and highly decorative. This article will discuss some of the common geometric patterns used in mid-century modern apartment interior design.

Characteristics of Mid Century Modern Apartments

The use of tapered legs is a feature found throughout the typical mid-century modern apartment. The tapered legs make use of two panels which have been built in such a way as to meet at a single point. In the design of the tapered legs, the internal working area is located at one of the ends of the curved section. As the space between the curves is tapered away, the interior of the apartment becomes smaller, yet the open feeling remains. When the room is viewed from any direction, the flat wall on which the flat section stands presents the viewer with the same view, as though the flat wall was merely a plain panel in the wall.

There are a number of advantages to the use of this type of construction. It results in a lighter weight, which makes it easier to move in a large number of directions. It also means that mid-century modern apartment designs often have small kitchens, as the tapered legs make the storage of appliances much easier. With the addition of modern furniture, such as a kitchen island which doubles up as a breakfast table, the apartment will feel even more spacious.

Tips for Renovating a Mid Century Contemporary Apartment

Before attempting the renovation and the build of a mid-century contemporary apartment, you should decide what sort of structure will best suit your needs. How large is your kitchen or bathroom? What kind of furniture do you want? What sorts of finishes should you choose? And how important is privacy to you? When you have an idea of how you want your space to look, you can start to gather renovation and architectural plans.

The most important planning decision will be how to obtain the necessary plans and images. You can either visit the local architectural and planning office or look for a resource on the internet. Once you have gathered a variety of mid-century contemporary pictures, you will need to set aside enough time to research the images. Look for a picture that show the actual setting in daylight, as well as in poor lighting conditions. Notice how the colors appear, as well as the texture of the furnishings.

Bright Colors of a Mid Century Contemporary Apartment

Once you have found several photos, you should look at each picture closely. What do you see that strikes a chord with what you want your new apartment to look like? For example, if you love the bright colors of a mid-century contemporary apartment and picture yourself decorating it like a trendy loft, try looking at some color pictures of lofts in other parts of the city. View details such as floor patterns and tile designs.

After you have looked at a few pictures, you may want to visit your local architectural and planning office. Your planner or advisor will be able to help you decide how to incorporate the specific elements you have observed in the photographs. If you have a floor plan in mind and an appropriate color scheme, you can discuss with your planner the best way to realize those plans. In addition, he/she may be able to show you specific examples of mid-century modern apartment construction and interior decorating that are similar to your vision.

In planning your new apartment, you should also take a look at photographs of contemporary mid-century modern kitchen designs. Many of the kitchen designs of the time are surprisingly familiar, and you may be able to use elements from these designs to create a beautiful kitchen in your new apartment. Even if your home is not near an urbanized area, you can make your kitchen look very stylish by selecting furniture and appliances inspired by the designs of the mid-century. If you do not live in an urbanized area, you can select a classic cottage kitchen style or a luxurious country kitchen design. Regardless of which style of kitchen you choose, however, you should take a look at the photography of home mid-century design ideas because these are some of the most beautiful kitchens ever designed.

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