Design Ideas for a Small Mid-Cintage Modern Study Room – If you are looking for a small, affordable, attractive and interesting addition to your home, a small mid-century modern study room may be just what you are looking for. Mid-century designs called “modernism” was born in the late thirties and in the early to mid-twenties, these designs hitched their wagon to the “post-modern” period which came right after World War II. Many people call this period the “decade of significance.” While most of the designs were influenced by Western European styles, some designs held on to their roots such as the small studies and the tiled and wooden structures.

Small Mid Century Modern Study Room Design

The first few decades of the twenty-first century saw the introduction of a small mid-century modern study room designs to more people’s homes. These small rooms were created to help those with smaller home lots but at the same time; help to cater to the modern lifestyle of working parents. The presence of children, both male and female, increased dramatically and many families had to find ways to ensure their well being and the sanity of their offspring. Since more people relied on computers for their daily tasks; so too did the need for these home-based computer programs to exist.

This brought about the need to create more space without having to compromise on either style or comfort. One such solution was to use the versatility of wood furnishings. Since the exterior of the small room did not need to be changed very much, the interior design for the June space could be centered on the use of solid wood furnishings.

Solid Wood Furniture is a Good Choice

Furniture for the small study space needed to be durable and functional. Since it would not be used for many years, the furniture also needed to be inexpensive. Solid wood furniture is a good choice for any home as it will withstand decades of use while being a comfortable and stylish addition to the home. Some of the best materials for small study areas include oak, maple, and pine.

After selecting the appropriate wood furniture, the interior design for the small modern bedroom had to be planned out in order for it to flow well with the other elements of the home. Placement of the beds, clothing closets, dressing tables, and mirrors should all be coordinated so as to give the room the appearance of one big living area. Organization in the June area should also be done in an efficient manner. Smaller bedrooms should be able to have the same coordinated look as larger ones without having to over-organize.

Neutral Colors That are Suitable for Use

Beds should be chosen that do not take up much room, yet will still allow comfortable sleeping. The mattresses for these rooms should be as lightweight and easy to clean as possible. Colors should be limited to neutral tones so as to reduce the effect of bright or glaring colors on the tiny room. For the walls, the most common colors used are gray, brown, tan, and white.

As for the furnishings, they should be as functional as possible. A small study room can be utilized to house a laptop computer, a desktop, printer, or even a small TV. Wall clocks can also be used to save space, but try to make sure they are round and that they are properly sized to fit in the space available. In order to keep the room small, try to avoid hanging curtains in the room. Instead, tieback or swag the curtains to some sort of hanger that will enable them to hang freely.

Lighting is an important feature of small study rooms. Because it controls the brightness in the room, it is important that it is done in the correct manner. The bulbs should be made of low voltage, and they should have a longer life than the usual bulb. To add a touch of elegance to the room, try hanging dimmer switches. Using lighting in the correct manner can help you create a small mid-century modern look that is perfect for your home.

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