Decorating A Small Modern Apartment – Living in a small minimalist apartment has so many advantages. It is space friendly, economical and very practical to live in. Because of property limitation, small apartments in developed countries like Singapore is becoming very small. But that does not mean that should compromise on living standards.

Make a Small Minimalist Apartment More Creative and Stylish

In order to make your small minimalist apartment more creative and stylish, here are some simple ideas which can be used as a guideline for you. This article will focus mainly on the color scheme for a small apartment. Color is very essential aspect of interior design and one of the most important aspects of getting the right color scheme. The color scheme must complement the interiors and the concept design.

Smaller than average apartment have limited space. Therefore, it is advised to select light colors for the walls. Dark hues will just make the room seem even smaller. The main components of a small minimalist apartment are the furniture and the wall color.

Considerations in Choosing Colors

Color choice also depends on the concept design you want your apartment to have. A contemporary small apartment looks more contemporary if it is made up of a combination of white and black colors. However, if you want to give an illusion of a larger space then use orange or light yellow colors. For your walls, use a single color paint. For doors, use glass with transparent background instead of plastic. If you are planning to add some contemporary small apartment furniture, you can choose a leather-look material for it.

Furniture that you can put in your small space is minimal. For your furniture, choose pieces made of light wood, wicker, fiber or rattan. Avoid using metal pieces. However if you are looking for a particular style of furniture then go ahead. A contemporary small decor should have a mix of all the above mentioned furniture types.

Wall And Floor Decoration

Walls, floors and roofs also play a vital role in a small decor. Use a light colored floor instead of a dark one for your small minimalist apartment. A light colored concrete floor will look great. Similarly, a wooden accent wall can look great.

Use ceramic tiles on your walls and floors for the small apartment and stay away from using any other material. It will make the apartment look much larger than it is. On the other hand, using metal wall tiles will make your small minimalist apartment look cramped.

To create the feeling of being spacious inside the apartment, use mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and help in making the small space appear bigger. You can also place a plant on top of the mirror to create an organic effect. For a more earthy feel, go for small ceramic tiles. Apart from the right combination of colors, planning out the small minimalist apartment idea properly can help you save on space.

Use the Right Lighting

You should also use proper lighting. The absence of proper lighting makes a small room look smaller. There are various small apartments that are designed according to the popular color themes or using bright colors like black, red, orange, yellow or lemon yellow. While choosing the color scheme for your small apartment, experiment with different shades rather than sticking to one common color. This will save you on color and also helps in creating an illusion of space.

Use proper spacing between furniture items so that you do not create uninviting spaces. In a small space, it is essential to have enough room. Maximizing the space that you have gives you the chance to create the perfect small minimalist apartment design for yourself. Keep the furniture evenly spaced so that there is a spacious feel. You can add some storage to the room as well. The best part about this kind of small apartment design is that it looks stylish and spacious at the same time.

A small room can get opened up by placing your windows beautifully in view. Use blinds and shutters to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. It is extremely important that the windows are placed in such a way that you can appreciate them fully while they are open.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to decorate small apartments. If you can follow these tips, you will be able to create the perfect place to live in. Try it out now and enjoy living in a minimalist environment!

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