Vintage Dining Room Designs – Vintage dining room tables often reflect the era in which they were made. They are made from a wide variety of different materials, some of which have been around for centuries, and some of which only came into widespread use during the Victorian age. The different materials used in their making, along with the manufacturing methods that they required to be made using, can vary dramatically. Here is a look at some of the materials that were commonly used during that time period.

Most Popular Vintage Dining Room Designs

This was one of the most common materials used during the early Victorian era. It was particularly popular because it was cheap and easy to work with. Dining rooms were particularly designed to be as simple as possible, using very little decoration or embellishment. Antique dining room’s tables of the Victorian era were made using glass of an extremely high quality. These were ideal for the Victorian aesthetic of simplicity and beauty, and many people believe that glass tables were among the first things that were added to homes when they were being built as home decor.

Wicker was also a common material for vintage dining room tables. Although it was very expensive at this point in time, it was also incredibly durable, meaning that it could last for many generations. Many wicker table and chairs were hand crafted by craftsmen that were well-known for their skills in the area. Because of the durability of wicker, it became an incredibly popular material for dining rooms and throughout furniture in general.

The Best Chandeliers of the Victorian Era

A chandelier was extremely popular during the Victorian age. As well as being one of the most expensive pieces of furniture that you could buy, it was also one of the most impressive. Many vintage dining room sets were also chandelier style. Some families would add crystal chandeliers to their dining room sets, which were an extremely romantic addition to the room.

When looking at tables and chairs in the Vintage Dining Room collection, you want to pay close attention to the table. No matter how beautiful the design of the chair, if the table is shoddy, it will not add any style to the room whatsoever. Usually, mid century designs had intricate table legs and pedestals made from wood. Today, the table designs are much more streamlined, so you may end up with a flat table that doesn’t really do your room justice.

Choosing a Crystal Dining Table

If you find that the dining table design in your vintage dining room set doesn’t really say much for style, consider adding a clear or frosted top table. These were incredibly popular during the mid-century because they did not compromise on aesthetics. They also offered a lot of storage space, unlike traditional wooden tables. Today, you can still find these popular tables with crystal tops and wooden legs.

A great way to update your vintage dining room is to replace the traditional fireplace with a corner fireplace. Chances are, your current fireplace is made out of solid wood, but if not, you can easily find a beautiful piece of metal art to use as a contemporary focal point. Metal chandeliers and table lamps make perfect additions to the fireplace area, and if you choose a metal chandelier, make sure you ask the furniture shop or manufacturer if it is lead free. It is also important that you ask about the safety features that are included on the lighting fixtures that you decide to use in your new room. Today, most fireplaces that are made with metal have safety insulation installed inside of them, so you don’t need to worry about a spark causing a fire in your home.

In addition to making your dining room one that everyone will be drawn to, you should also take time to look around the room to make sure that all of your family room furniture pieces work well together. If you do not have enough coordinating room chairs and tables, for instance, try looking for a few coordinating accent chairs or tables. You might also want to invest in some coordinating end tables to use when you have a large family gathering at home. Taking a little bit of time to create a wonderful design theme for your vintage dining room will help you create a room that your entire family will enjoy spending time in.

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