How to Turn Your Eclectic Study Room Into a Home Office – Antique Victorian study rooms are a great idea for anyone who appreciates beauty, elegance, simplicity, and a homey atmosphere. You can decorate this type of study space in a way that suits your personal taste, but still provides a quality, classic look. This style of study is usually made of wood or faux wood, with high desks and lots of wall space for displaying books or collections. Here are some ideas for decorating your study with antiques.

Choose an Eclectic Study Room with Modern Furniture

Choose an eclectic study room with modern furnishings that have aged well. An excellent choice for this type of look is a freestanding desk made of white marble or white oak, with high backs and a comfortable chair. Choose dark-colored wood floors in a neutral color such as black or dark brown, with a few tasteful paintings on the walls. Make sure to keep the other elements of your home interior in mind when choosing furnishings and wall color.

Another idea for an eclectic study room is to mix in a contemporary home office with antiques. If you have an existing home office with light hardwood floors, you might want to add a vintage vanity unit with an old-world vanity design. These are perfect for an eclectic study room style, since you can use your current desktop and display your collection on the vanity. You could also opt for a beige wall that is decorated with antiques, framed pictures, or a unique design that fits in with your current decor. Adding a chandelier or crystal chandelier would complete the look.

Tips for Decorating an Eclectic Study Room

When decorating an eclectic study room, keep in mind that the focus should be on the desktop. An all-white desk with an oil rubbed bronze mirror is perfect for an office like this. In keeping with the antiques theme, if your walls are painted a lighter shade of brown, then add some throw pillows in the same shade. The focal point of your desk should be the computer monitor, and if possible, add an additional chair so that everyone can sit at the same distance. An L-shaped corner desk would be perfect in this case; you can put a modern lamp on it, and place bookshelves below it to hold reference materials.

For the walls, you can choose any of these design ideas: paint one wall in a vibrant color; paint the other wall a monochromatic color; or add an art Deco or bar stool as a center piece on a wall. A few throw pillows on the sofa will complete the look. To make your eclectic study room more interesting, consider including decorative accessories such as a vase of fresh flowers, bird-shaped figurines, or ceramic flowers. Add small photos or prints of family members to create a lasting memorial to each member of the family.

Using Carpets with Interesting Colors

If your bedroom is large enough to add a built-in desk, you can leave it empty, but it is better to decorate it with at least a few decorative items. Choose rugs on which to lay out magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials. Find an interesting rug that complements the colors on the walls; choose artwork and prints that fit with the colors on the floor and in the room’s furniture; and add lamps and lighting that complement the colors on the walls and the area rug. When you decorate a larger bedroom, your eclectic study room will appear even smaller because there will be fewer items to draw focus to.

If your bedroom isn’t big enough to install a desk, you can add one by placing it in the corner. In this case, you’ll want to add a rug pad underneath the desk so it doesn’t get damaged. If your bedroom has light hardwood floors, you can install a contemporary rug on top of the hardwood floor, or use one of your existing rugs as the base for a modern coffee table. Consider painting the walls in light shades of grey to offset the darker shades of the browns, blues, tans, and greens on the furniture. Add interesting accessories, such as a couple of modern paintings on the wall, a glass-topped bookcase, and some plant-focused figurines, and your eclectic study room will have depth and character.

Add touches of color by hanging photos, framed prints, or framed photos in bright colors from the ceiling to the wall. If your bedroom has hardwoods floors, consider replacing the dark hardwood floors with a colorful oak flooring. Use rugs on the floor around the room; place large stuffed animal figurines that match the decor of the room over the rugs. Place lamps on the tables to frame favorite artwork, and throw pillows on the bed to create an inviting oasis.

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