Coastal Kitchen Designs That Will Be a Big Splash – Coastal Kitchen creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for its guests. This coastal kitchen in San Diego, California, is the perfect blend of flavors and textures. This five-star hotel boasts award-winning cuisine, elegant furnishings, and thoughtful hospitality. For suite and table guests, Exclusive Service delivers warm, delicious food and knowledgeable service. The menu is designed to please even the pickiest palate with a variety of international dishes, classic diner favorites, and delectable specialty foods.

Most Popular Coastal Kitchen Designs

Coastal Kitchen has an extensive selection of cuisine from around the globe. Exclusively for Sweet Members and Pinnacle guests, Coastal Kitchen taps Mediterranean influences with unmatched richness of California s bounty farmlands. This is a truly unique destination which exudes genuine freshness. From Mediterranean favorites like olive oil city, to the majestic Central Valley sliced avocado and homemade blueberry pies, to Med-style flavors like Serrano ham and whipped goat cheese, the possibilities are endless. From casual samplers to full-service dining, guests are offered a full-service experience. A full-service lunch package allows diners to enjoy the best of both worlds

From simple beach tones to bold, earthy colors, the expansive focus of Coastal Kitchen is on creating a warm, inviting space. Of course, the food is as important as any other element. From freshly-made tortillas to hand-made char-broiled steak, the focus is on quality over quantity. Many chefs feature traditional menus created from local produce, but also offer an extensive menu of exotic dishes inspired by various locations on the globe. Guests can indulge in some serious snacking or find something from their favorite seafood restaurant.

Seaside Furniture Combination Tips

There’s no better way to kick off the beach theme kitchen experience than with a comfortable chair. The right chair, paired with a table, creates an intimate setting. Seating arrangements should allow diners to stretch out, enjoy conversation, and leave the cooking to professionals. Select beachy seating for your coastal kitchen design such as round plastic chairs, sturdy wooden chairs, and beach chairs reminiscent of the lifeguards at the beach. Or create your own cozy seating arrangements by finding a comfortable bench that can be tucked away under a high window to face the ocean.

Beach decor is also highlighted by the use of brightly-colored seaside furniture such as seashells, pebbles, driftwood, and coral. These pieces can be displayed on sunny kitchen counters or placed beside chairs as accent pieces. For a more earthy look, opt for pieces with seashells carved into them, or pick up a seashell pattern at a nearby art gallery and incorporate it into your overall coastal kitchen decorating ideas. Large coastal kitchen islands can be filled with cool drinks and knickknacks. Place candles in them or encase fresh fruit in baskets to add a fresh scent to your table.

Coastal Kitchen Inspiration

Speaking of food, bring your beach house kitchen to life with a colorful assortment of beach fare. An easy recipe is to set out a platter and fill it with sand, grime, and pebbles. Top it off with flip-flops, cups, bowls, and napkins, and you have the makings of a fun-filled menu fit for a tropical paradise! Or serve up fresh fruit and sandwiches on wooden boards adorned with shells to give your guests a taste of the sea.

Beach house kitchen designs take their inspiration from a variety of sources, including seaside gardens and local landscapes. If your kitchen design inspiration pulls from the shore, consider adding wooden shutters and glass cabinet doors for a natural feel. A coastal kitchen with a tile backsplash also pulls together a color scheme that is free of the usual blues and greens often associated with southern kitchens. Install a bamboo shade on the walls to create a natural color palette, and select accent colors from the tile backsplash for accents.

For an authentic coastal kitchen, choose earth tones such as brown, beige, gray, and rust. The natural materials are warm and comforting, perfect for coastal kitchen design ideas. If you love the look of black, go for it; however, do not install metal countertops or white kitchen cabinets. With a little creativity and imagination, your coastal kitchen will capture the hearts of your guests and become the talk of the neighborhood.

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