How to Create an Asian Living Room – If you’ve always wanted a room with a distinctive Asian style, try incorporating it into your home. The calming colors and clean, minimalist style of this decor inspire a sense of serenity. With two tones of yellow paint and other accents made from brushed nickel, this room is a beautiful and modern way to decorate. A large orchid separating two seating areas adds an instant touch of Asian style.

Characteristics of a Healthy Living Room

Keeping with the philosophy of the Asian culture, the living room should feature lots of open space and free-flowing spaces. To create a truly Asian-themed room, incorporate nature’s elements. Water and plants are popular decorations among Asians. Include water in the form of a flower pot or a small fountain on the table. The sound of water brings a sense of calm. As a result, this design style is highly versatile, and can fit into any modern home.

When choosing furniture for your living room, keep in mind that Asian decor is meant to be combined with clean lines, so keep the space clutter-free. If you can’t afford custom-designed pieces, you can browse interior design books or websites to find pieces that fit the theme. Choosing items with Asian flair does not mean you have to go overboard with knick-knacks. You can add a unique flea market find or a few Asian dollar store items to your room. However, you should be careful not to go overboard with Asian style, as this could look tacky and impractical.

Japanese style furniture and decor focuses on neutral, earthy colors. Tones of blue, gray, and brown create a soothing atmosphere. Moreover, the open-plan decor accentuates the simple, clean-cut look. The modern pendant light adds a stylish touch. Whether you’re adorning your home with an eclectic collection of art or a minimalist-inspired design, your decor will be a reflection of your personality and style.

The Ambiance of Asian Living Rooms

The ambiance of Asian living rooms is always serene and soothing. With the help of natural materials, soothing colours, and a minimalist approach, you can bring a tropical look to any room in your home. For a more minimalist look, try Japanese design. The bare essentials of furniture are a signature of the style. The soft earth tones and wood ceiling further enhance the ambiance. Soft lighting adds an elegant touch.

Colors: While Asian designs are usually centered around natural earthy colors, you can reinterpret these hues to create a more harmonious atmosphere. A soothing, neutral backdrop complements the regal colors and designs of this style. Bright shades of blue are often used to reflect sky colors. In addition, wood and pink accents are great accents to add character and vibrancy. These two accent colors make an Asian living room truly stand out.

Lighting: The Asian living room usually features art on the walls, although it does not have to be Asian. Large pieces of art should cover a large area of a wall. Art on the wall needs direct light, so lamps and artificial lighting from above are best used for the walls. If you plan to watch television or movies in the living room, consider using only subtle lighting. You can also hang a television or a computer monitor on the wall to provide ambient lighting.

Consider Using Dark Wood Flooring

Dark wood floors complement the wooden walls and other structure across from the L-shaped sofa. Wooden walls and wooden structures are traditional elements in Asian style homes. Wooden accent pieces are the finishing touches for this style. Whether you’re trying to evoke the Japanese or Chinese influences in a living room, there’s a style for you. There’s no better way to express yourself than to embrace your inner Zen or to relive the feeling of ancient times.

If you’re looking for a way to re-create a traditional Indian or Japanese look, Asian inspired decor could be the perfect choice for your home. The calming forms and bright colors of a traditional Indian living room will make you feel at peace. The open-plan design and tall columns will give you an expansive view of the mountains beyond. Vintage Indian furniture will add character to the design. The bright colors of the Indian decor will contrast well with the dark timber.

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