Small Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas – Looking for a great small rustic bathroom design that will add a little old world charm to your bathroom? This is definitely a project that you don’t want to miss! There is a lot of “old country” charm in a rustic log cabin that just oozes with charm. Two different sizes of wooden logs are placed one next to the other and an old fashioned iron door is attached to the log with a simple nails and screw, creating a unique vintage iron towel holder with class. Gorgeous rustic home DIY decor ideas.

Beautiful Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas

These rustic small rustic bathroom ideas are perfect for the person who wants a little “old” in their home decor. These beautiful handcrafted pieces are created from pine logs that have been painted in natural earth tone colors. The front panel of the unit is solid pine with several small holes in the center and two small loops on each side. These loops are used to hang the towels or other accessories on. The top surface of the planks is a light beige color creating a decorative focal point.

These rustic bathroom furniture ideas are great for bathrooms that have bare floors or exposed wall surfaces. The small rustic bathroom walls are lined with a beautiful array of large rustic tiles. These natural tiles come in two different colors and are simply a variation of the brown slabs. These rustic tiles are made from a variety of materials including cork, wood chips, river stones, and ceramic. Some are even created from real stone slabs!

Added a Unique Shower and Vanity Set

These unique shower and vanity sets are very beautiful. The beautifully detailed shower doors have beautifully crafted glass accents that create a beautiful illuminated shower scene. Shower doors can be placed in the corner areas or along the wall. There are numerous light fixtures available to compliment this wonderful decor ideas.

Small rustic bathrooms often have small wall shelves or cabinets display smaller items. The lovely pinterest panels are a great place to display artwork and ornaments. Pinterest shelves can be placed on a single wall or double each side of the door. Some people like to create an over-all pinterest effect by using several small shelves on both sides of the door. If the wall of the small bathroom has tile, then you can install one large tile here and several smaller tiles around it. This will give the appearance that the wall is made up of a mosaic tile mosaic.

Choosing Pine Wood Bathroom Furniture

These rustic bathroom designs are a wonderful way to add the feel of a vacation home right into your own home. Pine is a very popular wood for these type of cabinetry and furniture pieces. Another choice for these types of furniture and decor ideas is adobe or clay. These types of material also lend themselves well to being used as flooring.

Other things that can be used in the rustic bathroom are old fashioned style handcrafted soap holders and toothbrush holders made of cedar wood planks. Pine pottery and even colorful painted bottles of soaps and bath bombs can be added into the design. These ideas can easily be purchased from any local home improvement store or online.

Small rustic bathrooms remodel small bathroom with a European rustic design or a southwest style. The use of color can enhance the design and the natural materials used. You can use warm earth tones or the turquoise in turquoise colored washcloths. A natural stone like limestone on the shower wall will add a unique design element to this room. With the addition of some handcrafted soap holders, toothbrush holders and other items you will have created your own rustic bathroom ideas bathroom remodel small bathroom.

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