Creating Elegant Interiors With Traditional Interior Design Styles

Sisijoke.comTraditional interior design has long been considered a classic style. This style usually involves a neutral color palette and straightforward use of wood elements. The goal with traditional interior design is to create a room that exudes warmth and coziness while also remaining inviting and easy to function in. Traditional design may be applied to homes, restaurants, hotels, or even offices. In this article, we’ll examine some common characteristics of traditional interior design.

traditional interior design

One of the most noticeable characteristics of traditional interior design is the use of heavy, dark wood elements and rich, earthy tones. Dark, heavy woods are symbolic of strength and solidity while light wood furniture is representative of a soft and welcoming style. Traditional design tends to use simple geometric patterns in its furnishings, wall decoration, and accessories. As an example, the traditional decor would usually avoid complex patterns and motifs which can be overwhelming and cause guests to feel claustrophobic. A room that’s designed in the traditional style tends to will typically have the following traits:

Elements of Traditional Interior Design

Elegance Typically, elegant traditional interior designs feature symmetrical elements which are balanced by equal amounts of open spaces and light and dark elements. Symmetrical elements can include straight lines, curved lines, and other geometrical forms. An example of an asymmetrical element would be straight doorways and symmetrical kitchen cabinets. Symmetrical elements are aesthetically pleasing and allow for an air of elegance.

Consideration for Traditional Interior

traditional interior design

Efficacy Elegant traditional interiors are made up of large, focal points surrounded by a fair amount of clutter. It’s common to see traditional interior design elements such as large window panels and open floor plans. Paneling is another popular design element which makes up the majority of traditional interiors. Paneling is created using either solid wood or laminate vases which are then painted with a neutral color. The vases may also contain decorative elements such as glass globes or figurines.

Art & Craftsmanship

Traditional interior designs tend to include a lot of art pieces. Some may even have furniture pieces with hand-painted tassels or scroll work. Furniture can include antiques, modern day pieces, or unique art pieces created specifically for the room. In addition, if the house is being designed by a professional interior designer, certain areas of the home may be decorated in a more artistic manner.

The Classic Style of Traditional Interior

Classicism One of the most aesthetic features of traditional interior design tends to be its timelessness. Most pieces used in this style are very intricate and would never go out of style. Examples of timeless pieces would be intricately carved chairs or tables. If a more modernist style is desired, there are many modernistic pieces which can still achieve elegance. Examples include table lamps with an antique finish, a modern vanity unit, or a crystal chandelier. Also, the use of solid wood as well as solid colors is used to enhance timeless features.

traditional interior design


The use of flowers in a traditional interior design style is something that has been popular for a very long time. Many people prefer the rich tones of orange, red, yellow, and gold that are often associated with the use of flowers. This can be extended to the use of colors as well, and some people prefer soft floral accents over bold ones.


This style is a combination of European and traditional interior design. It uses extremely ornate furnishings which are quite impressive in a home. The elegance of such furnishings is often complemented by the use of rich colors and fabrics. A great way to incorporate the elegant style is to use traditional European decor along with contemporary furnishings to give the home a modern appeal.

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