How to Shop For Luxury Vintage Bedding

Sisijoke.comLuxury Vintage Bedroom Style is an interesting concept. In this new millennium many of us have turned to the stars for inspiration. Many of us now dream of waking up in a world that looks like a magazine cover, complete with open space, light bulbs, and furniture shaped like automobiles. This is what luxury bedroom styles are all about.

Tips for Choosing a Unique and Elegant Bed

These beds are designed to be both unique and elegant. Most of these beds were made decades ago and restored by talented craftsmen. You can opt for one of these beds that has been restored or you can choose one that has a clean, fresh look. Both styles are beautiful, and both will look spectacular in your room.

Luxury vintage bedding comes in a variety of rich colors. Some of these beds are painted with actual paint stains of past owners. The bedding is often made using high quality materials that last for generations. This type of bed can be easily customized to meet your particular needs.

When selecting your bed linen, consider getting some linen sheets in solid colors. Having two sets of sheets is a must. Bedding can make a small bedroom look very spacious. Pillow covers and matching comforters should also be purchased.

Best Solid Color Selection

If you are looking for a specific pattern, look for a bed that has it. For instance, if you wanted a cheery look, go with a red and white Chesterfield bed. The bedding can be found in solid colors as well. Another idea is to purchase bed skirts. These are long pieces of fabric hanging from the headboard on each side of the bed. They add height and can help dress up an otherwise ordinary-looking bed.

If your room lacks space, you may want to consider using a bunk bed. A bunk bed can easily be converted into a guest bed with a bed skirt. Simply convert the top bunk into a guest bed, grab the skirt, and convert the other side into a twin or double bed. You’ll have space for guests without having to buy a second bed. Another option is to use an end table as a platform where you can sit.

Vintage bedding is sold individually. It’s usually sold in sets of eight or nine with matching sheet sets. It’s important to purchase the entire set. Bedding is sold by the piece. Therefore, if you bought a set that included a queen-sized comforter, you’d have to purchase the comforter separately.

Customization With Vintage Bedroom Style

Whichever type of bedding you choose, it should fit in with the overall style of your bedroom. The fabrics range from flannel and cotton to velvet and silk. You can customize your bedding by choosing a fabric print or by adding an applique. The styles include Contemporary, Rustic, Victorian, Transitional, and Modern. Vintage bedding is sold by most major retailers, as well as many boutique shops.

There are some things to know before you start shopping. If you’re buying vintage, be sure to check for authenticity. Check with the store where the bedding was purchased, or ask the seller if the piece is guaranteed. If you are buying online, be wary of reputable sellers.

Keep in mind the season in which the bedding was made. Beddings from that era were generally more expensive. Today’s bedding is made to look classic and elegant. However, vintage pieces tend to be very durable. If you want something that you can use for years, consider getting to bed that uses thread count high enough to last for decades. This is especially true for vintage acrylic sheets.

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