Shabby Chic Exterior and Interior Ideas – If you love the look of old, vintage furniture with a touch of femininity, then you should consider shabby chic furniture. This style exudes a soft and airy feel that makes every space more inviting and welcoming. Shabby chic furniture can be found in many homes as it lends a home a laid back, comfortable atmosphere. The following are some tips for dressing your shabby chic exterior.

Choosing Antique Wooden Furniture

Choose timeless pieces to bring a bright, airy look to your cottage. Vintage wood furniture is perfect for this look because it still exudes a unique charm and elegance. It doesn’t matter if your cottage is painted white or wood tone; shabby chic cottage interior designs will still benefit from a fresh coat of paint. If you want to add a bit of texture, why not create a distressed look? This can give your home a worn look that is rich in character.

As far as colour goes, choose pastels and earth tones so the cottage won’t appear too clinical. A fresh coat of paint will be all you need to create a lovely shabby chic house exterior. When choosing a paint colour, make sure the wall colour complements the other items of furniture that are already in place such as flooring and paint. If you are adding curtains, why not go with a soft floral pattern?

Give your house a great clean line with a contemporary table runner and a couple of chairs. The desk can also be dressed up with a distressed, wooded look. If you want a very airy look, put a few mirrors on the windows so they reflect light. This creates a feeling of space, which is perfect for shabby chic style exteriors. Keep the look simplistic as much as possible. This will ensure that the interior decor and accessories don’t overwhelm the natural beauty of the wood.

Creating a Shabby Chic Exterior

How about a terrace or even a pergola for your shabby chic cottage exterior? These add instant charm and create an intimate seating area. In the winter, you can keep your shabby chic style cottage exterior in the kitchen where it can double as an outdoor kitchen. Add some stylish chairs and tables and maybe place some plant pots on the floor.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you start and end each day and reflects your personality. Think about your likes and dislikes and then design the interior to reflect those tastes. This can range from a comfy bed, soft furnishings, candles and a comfortable, cozy bedside table. If you really like country life, a lovely country shabby chic style bedroom interior with lots of wood accents will bring back such memories.

Decorating the Bathroom in a Shabby Chic Style

You can also decorate the bathroom in a shabby chic style. An old washbasin might become an elegant soap dish, while a vintage towel rack can become a beautiful wall display. Or, you can just hang a shabby chic bowl of paint and use it to hang a few dried flowers from your shower curtain. For more casual and breezy ideas, consider a shabby chic shower curtain with a vintage lace design or a vintage towel rack with a bright floral pattern. Add a couple of vintage towels on top of a linen shower curtain for a very feminine and charming look.

There are so many different ways to design your shabby chic-style cottage interior and exterior. And since you have your own home, it’s easy to make any interior match. You can go with any color or theme, or even go with just one or two particular elements. It’s your own house, so why not turn it into the ultimate retreat?

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