30 Modern And Vintage Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Studio Homes

Sisijoke.com – The living room is the place where your family members gather to watch television, listen to music or just relax together after a long day at work. In most cases, the room is also used as a dining area. The design of small Bohemian living room should be comfortable and stylish without looking too bold and crazy. If you live in an apartment, small space would be a hindrance to creating such a room but not so if you have a spacious house with plenty of land. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when planning for such an interior design.

Great Small Bohemian Living Room Ideas

A small Bohemian living room is a great idea for those who are living in small places. It gives you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy work life by living in the most natural setting. In this design, you would basically be living in nature with only your plants for company. In the image there are many color combinations applied to the room. In fact the best part of this style is you can basically use anything you like and mix-and-match colors to whatever extent you want.

This type of interior design will work great for anyone from couples to families with kids. You can easily create this small living room ideas by simply using shades of gray and white to provide the base color. Alternatively, you can get shades of red, blue, green, orange or pink and create a beautiful appeal. Add some bright accent colors like bright yellow or neon green and the result will give you a charming appeal that everyone will surely fall in love with.

The most important aspect of small Bohemian living room ideas is a well organized bedroom and bathroom. Your entire appearance will be based on this one room. So, to make this area more appealing, you should try and create an inviting environment for yourself in this place. Create a comfortable looking bed to sleep on. A comforter and pillow cases that match the colors of the walls will do a great deal.

Plants or Trees in a Bohemian bedroom

You can also try decorating the remaining part of the bedroom in a similar way. For instance, a colorful palm tree near the window could be a great idea to provide a natural feel to the bedroom. If you have a lot of plants or trees in the room, it will definitely add life to the whole look and feel.

There are many people who prefer to go with more natural colors. In such cases, painting the walls in an earthy tones such as brown, terracotta or moss green would be a good idea. This can be complemented with some small accessories made out of earth materials. Similarly, an area rug made from wool, rattan or jute and decorated with native American figurines can also do the trick. These small living room decor ideas will be a great way to transform a small space into something really exotic and charming at the same time.

Color Selection Bohemian Living Room Decoration Ideas

The best small Bohemian living room ideas are those that inspire you and make you feel good about yourself. Such ideas may be odd, unconventional or even challenging, but they are always going to be well worth it. That is because nothing is better than inspiration. If you go and find some small objects to decorate your home with, the next best thing to do is to get them painted in the color or theme of your choice and make them a part of your small Bohemian living room decor ideas.

One of the most interesting small living room decor ideas for small apartments and studio apartments is to make use of the rustic wooden artifacts for decoration. For example, a rustic wooden bookcase can be painted in light brown or cream tones so that it matches the wall colors. On the other hand, one can get bookshelves made of wood that have interesting designs and are colorful in their finishes. You can also put small ceramic or terracotta pots as display pieces. They can be displayed on a shelf, on a table top or they can be placed on the floor to add some interesting texture to your small apartment or studio. This is one of the easiest items to decorate that is available in the entire Bohemian decor collection.

If you have a small space that you intend to turn into a comfortable and inviting living space, then the small living room decorating ideas for small apartments and studio apartments that we have discussed here will help you achieve your goal. The use of natural products and the use of rustic furniture will give you a cozy feel and at the same time provide you with enough space for your creativity. This way, you will never run out of interesting things to do and places to visit. So plan wisely and let your small space become a creative extension of your home.

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