A Contemporary Look For Your Living Room

Sisijoke.com – How can you design a Mid-Century Modern Living Room so it suits your needs? Want to bring this exciting style into your home? Check out these popular mid-century modern living room suggestions to get inspired, and discover how much of a difference a few decorating ideas can make to the look and feel of your home

Comfortable Mid-Center Modern Living Room Decoration

When decorating a Mid-Center Modern Living Room you want to create a cozy yet airy feeling. A great way to achieve this look is with a combination of textures, drapes, furniture, colors, furnishings, lighting and accessories such as a side table, coffee tables or sofa. The main piece of furniture you will need for this type of decor is a comfortable sofa or chair.

Mid-century Modern living rooms should be inviting and airy, ideal for enjoying the simplicity of simpler times with an emphasis on color and minimal patterns. Because this style was born out of the movement towards simplicity in furniture and interior design, it makes sense to use mid-century modern living room pieces that are both streamlined and simple in structure. Solid low profile pieces are an easy way to achieve this effect while also creating an air of space.


The walls of a mid-century modern living room should be warm, with deep reds, rich pinks and purples hued with yellows, ochres and blacks. Accent elements like stencils, bold prints and geometric patterns work best. These colors and prints can be paired with bold accents like a geometric patterned couch, a leather recliner chair or an oversized coffee table.

The Combination Of Fabrics And Textiles In A Modern Design

Mid-century Modern designs often use a combination of fabrics and textiles in their decor. Fabrics that are popular in this era include denim, chenille, Georgette, corduroy, denim, and brocade. Textiles that work best include denim, corduroy and brocade, while textures like wool and velvet are more appropriate for heavier pieces. Dark tones like black, brown and gray are common as accents or as the main colors of the pieces.

Since many mid-century modern living room pieces have legs, you will want to choose pieces that have slim legs and backs. You can achieve this look by selecting pieces with straight, thin legs and backs or by adding extra height to your chairs with adjustable heights. You may want to add fabric edging to make your pieces look taller.

Mid-century furniture is designed to be comfortable and versatile. In this design style, pieces are kept minimal to create a feeling of spaciousness but not clutter. Furniture is typically constructed out of light woods like oak and maple, with gentle curves and straight lines. You may want to select colors like soft blues and greens, although you may also find colors such as yellows and reds available in mid-century furniture stores.

Tips for Choosing the Most Minimalist Furniture

Decorating your home in this style requires some careful thought. Because the pieces are so simplistic, it is important that they fit well together and create a mood or statement piece. Since the pieces are so uniform, it is important to choose pieces that can be layered or combined in different ways to achieve other compositions and designs. Because this style is somewhat stylistic in nature, the more minimalist designs tend to be the more popular choices for this decor style.

The furniture is often segmented into cozy reading nook, sectionals, recliners, and individual sofas for entertaining guests. In addition to sectional pieces, you may find inviting sofas with reclining backs and plush cushions, club chairs, and armless ottomans. While the pieces are relatively plain, the fabrics used on the interior and exterior coverings can be very rich and complex. The use of fabrics like microsuede, Georgette, and silk is common for mid-century modern pieces, which give the room an inviting, luxurious feel.

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture often uses bold color palettes, unique textures, and unique textures like tufted leather, pressed paper, and wicker. The finishes on the furniture also vary, from dark shades to lighter pastels. The pieces may be all one color or may incorporate several hues, patterns, and stains. This style also typically uses sconces above each piece on the walls, or may have a metal or glass stand with several storage compartments. Dining room tables may be straight, curved, or asymmetrical in shape; and there may be a combination dining table and coffee table in the same room.

The lighting in this style is quite unique in that it employs mostly non-traditional materials such as ceramic tile, metalwork, and wrought iron. The upholstery is typically light in color, and the furniture is upholstered with materials such as chenille, velvet, and suede. Mid-century modern living rooms may also have ceiling fans, wall clocks, and bar stools. These accents add a stylish and interesting touch to the design and ensure your home will be comfortable and welcoming in this unique interior style.

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