Decluttering and Organizing Your Minimalist Kitchen – What exactly is a minimalist kitchen? Basically a minimalist kitchen is a style emphasis on maintaining things clean, sharp and simple. Its emphasis on materials and function enables for a massive amount of built in or free standing appliances to only occupy the space available. There are no fancy cabinetry or cabinets lying about. Minimalists often choose streamlined and modular units that can be easily combined into many other configurations.

Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen

Other features in a minimalist kitchen include bare or simple surfaces, including stainless steel appliances, glass or stone countertops, no-spill storage space, no extra outlets, no side bars, no unnecessary or decorative hardware or cabinet pulls. In some kitchens, the refrigerator is completely dropped down from the ceiling, rather than being built into the wall. This leaves ample open countertop space for cooking and for food prep.

What about the kitchen floor? It must be free of clutter. In a minimalist kitchen there is usually only one or two floor tiles that are exposed to the cooking area. In the “cutout” or open style of the design, all cabinetry is tucked away behind doors or around shelves. In the more traditional versions of the unit, full-length shelves are installed along the walls and along the corners of the countertop.

As you can see, there are no unnecessary additions to the home. Even the utensils themselves are kept minimal. Glass vessels, for example, may be used instead of crystal or porcelain vessels, to keep the utensils free from surface scratches and fingerprints. If there are any deep or wide items that tend to get dug in by moving pans or pots and pans, they are tucked away behind the cookware, or may even be placed on the counter with a glass door to protect them. No matter which type of appliance you choose for your minimalist kitchen, you can count on it to help keep your kitchen neat and clean, and to provide you with the storage space that you need.

Storing Items with a Minimalist Pantry

When you have less storage space, but more usable countertop space, what do you do with the extra? Do you store things on the countertop? Can you fit the smallest item into a corner? The answer is that it doesn’t have to be a struggle. A minimalist kitchen island or pantry may provide all of the extra storage space that you need while also giving you a clean, organized look that will make you feel better too.

To make the most of a minimalist kitchen island or pantry, take inventory of the items that you use the most. Use containers and totes to stack them on top of one another. If there is not enough countertop space to comfortably place all of your containers, then consider using cabinets and drawers in a way that will maximize space. For instance, instead of putting a large sauce pan on the countertop, put several smaller pans on individual racks. Keep in mind how many items you typically put in each container before you decide on which to place where. This will ensure that you purchase the right containers to best suit your needs.

Best Minimalist Kitchen Design

Because most kitchens feature cabinetry in their design, finding a way to minimize clutter is easy to do. Many people don’t think about cabinets when they want to declutter, but cabinets are an important part of a minimalist kitchen’s design. Remember to measure the height and width of your cabinets before you buy anything new, so that you know how much room you have to work with. It’s important to note that you don’t always have to buy used cabinets, as many of them still have quite a bit of life in them. Some even come with a guarantee that they will last you a long time, so that you can get the most out of your money.

Another thing you can do to declutter your kitchen and improve its functionality is to hide unused space. You can achieve this by hanging pictures, using shelves or hiding behind the counter. Hanging pictures in the kitchen give it a more streamlined look, while a shelf above the counter will hide unused drawers or storage space. Using these ideas, you’ll be able to declutter and improve your kitchen’s functionality at the same time.

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