How To Remodel Your Small Hollywood Glam Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune – If you are one who likes to be in the lime light, then a small Hollywood glam bathroom may just be your perfect retreat. This small town is known for its glamorous life and small movie stars spend their time in small towns. Some of these small town celebrities are Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more.

Hollywood Small Bathroom Decoration

A small Hollywood Dorm bathroom can be your small town getaway. The small size of the town limits many things that you can do in your bathroom. You can not have a small bathroom remodel like those big city penthouses have. You cannot have a small television in your small bathroom like you can in the great big hotel rooms. You cannot put your nice white curtains on your small living room or back area of your bathroom. But you can decorate the small bathroom with beautiful and unique items that will make it a relaxing and a beautiful retreat.

Hollywood bathrooms remodel has come along way over the years. You can find all kinds of small Hollywood decorations in small town bathrooms. You can find small picture frames, small mirror, small antiques, and even small figurines in a bathroom. Some people use a small mirror to reflect an item of clothing they are wearing. Some use an old coat rack from their home for a small Hollywood wall decoration.

Decorating Ideas Using Old Sink or Ceramic Tile Flower Pictures

Small Hollywood bathrooms can be decorated by using an old washbasin or ceramic tile with decorative flower images. Some small Hollywood decorating ideas include putting up small potted plants on the vanity or countertop. A small ceramic globe can also be placed on a shelf to catch the sunlight during the day. You can use small mirrors on the walls to catch the light and reflect it back onto your small bathroom.

In addition to using small decorations, you can also use small pictures and frames around the small Hollywood decor. Use an old picture frame as a small door knob for a touch of Hollywood glam. Other small decorating ideas include putting up small pictures of flowers and other small artworks in a frame. Try using a vintage mirror as a small hanging shelf.

Hollywood themed bathrooms use lots of bold colors and large paintings. In order to save money on a small Hollywood remodel, you can use one of your old photos as a background for a large painting. Hang a small ceramic tile over the exposed plumbing to keep the room from looking too small. Make sure that all items in the small bathroom remodel match in color.

Tips for Choosing Hollywood Small Bathroom Decorations

Hollywood decorating is often based on old movies and films. You can use black and white filmstrip frames to display black and white photos and old movies. You can even use red and green frames to decorate with posters from your favorite movies. You can even use a color print out of the image on a small piece of paper to make a collage poster.

If you are making changes to a small bathroom, make sure that you consider all the options before deciding which ones you want to use. You do not have to go all out on expensive decor to make your bathroom look like Hollywood. You just need to be creative and have a keen sense of style.


In addition to using home decor to make your bathroom more Hollywood friendly, you can also incorporate celebrity accessories into your design. You can purchase small items that you can place in your bathroom for use by your guests when they visit. For example, instead of just a toothbrush holder, you can purchase a toothbrush shaped decal for your bathroom. You can also purchase small picture frames or figurines that you can hang in your bathroom.

Create a Beautiful Small Hollywood Theme

You can create a beautiful small Hollywood theme in your bathroom by adding a small shower curtain, soap dish, towel rack, or rug. The colors and designs of these items should coordinate with the colors you have chosen for your small Hollywood decor. You can also use reds and dark blues to make your bathroom seem more dramatic. You can use red decor to accent a small vanity, or you can add a green tiled bar to your bathroom if you are going for a greener look.


When you are remodeling your bathroom for a small Hollywood makeover, it is important that you do not spend too much money. Your remodel should be affordable but still give you the type of look you want. Do some shopping around before you decide on what things to purchase. There are many different sources for cheap products, including retail stores and the Internet. You can even purchase used items at auctions and online sites that specialize in auctions.

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