How To Create The Perfect White Bathroom – You will find that when browsing white bathroom design ideas, they tend to feature white floors and walls. This base is the foundation for the room, but there is also the opportunity to make a visual impact with various tile work; thus, create visual subtle texture for such a layered look. To do so, play up the tile work on the walls by laying it in different patterns. You might want to go with a very modern look with clean cut lines, or you might want to add a splash of color to set off your white bathroom with flair. It’s all up to you!

Ways to Put Together Great Design Concepts

A great way to pull together a great design concept is to work around the central theme, so to speak. In this case, white bathroom tile and grout are the main focus. From there, you can add any other accessories, from crystals and lamps to whimsical bathroom towels. Here are some white bathroom tile and grout ideas you can consider.

You can bring in a natural light fixture for added drama in your white bathroom. Lamps and sconces can create the appearance of a large rectangular tub in the center of the room, surrounded by smaller round fixtures. These can be recessed fixtures with shutters, or perhaps you would like to use a chandelier. Whatever option you choose, be sure to place these nearby to the tub and shower, so that they provide the proper ambience.

Using a Lighting System With Recessed Fixtures

Lighting can really give an overall impression of space and light. For this reason, you may want to use a lighting system with recessed fixtures. Recessed lighting provides uniform illumination throughout the room, which creates a more dramatic effect than an open space. If you’re planning on using an overhead light, make sure that it is recessed so that it doesn’t obstruct the footpath. Also consider placing these lights at eye level or higher, above your head, to increase their impact.

Corian or marble tiles will offer you plenty of texture, patterns and options when decorating your white bathroom. Use these walls or floors for any design you wish, but remember that you don’t want them to be too shiny or glossy. Instead, opt for matte finishes to reflect light, and to keep the neutral mood of the room. To add texture, look for interesting tiles like corn or marbles. These are great because they have different textures, grains and finishes. Not only do you have plenty of options here, you also won’t have to worry about maintaining these surfaces – they are easy to clean and won’t need any special treatment to stay beautiful.

Add Some Black Accents to a White Bathroom

If you’d like to add a few black accents to your white bathroom, consider installing some black mirrors. Black mirrors are always a great addition, and they can be quite elegant. Mirrors are an excellent way to introduce color into the room, because you can find several designs with black or white frames. The frame can be made from any kind of material, including glass, chrome and wood. If you already have a few black fixtures in the room, then why not go with a matte black frame to complete the look? You can always find a mirrored black mirror that complements your existing decor.

Adding textured tiling to your white bathroom will help you get that contemporary look without going over the top with the other colors. There are different kinds of texture to choose from, including pebble, glazed and ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles are a great choice if you don’t want to go for a totally textured design, as they have a very smooth surface and are available in many different sizes and colors. Pebble tiles are perfect for adding a little texture to your walls, and you can find matching pebble mosaic tiles that work well with modern decor. If you are looking for something more unique, try a ceramic tile – there are so many varieties you’ll find one that suits your needs perfectly.

One other great accent color to consider is going with a black cabinet knob. It doesn’t have to replace the cabinet itself, but it can really set off the design nicely. If you have a modern style in the kitchen, then you can add a black knob to the faucet as well, especially if it compliments the decor in the bathroom. A black cabinet knob will really give your white bathroom an added edge – and you’ll find it adds a lot to the overall value of the home.

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