Hollywood Glam Living Room Decorating Ideas

Sisijoke.com – Living room decorating is a great way to turn a home into a glamorous place to be. Hollywood glam provides a glamorous ambience for visitors. This is due to the fact that Hollywood is a very big city with a number of movie stars and other famous personalities living here. Living room decorating ideas include the use of large paintings and decorative pieces on walls as well as a variety of fabrics and upholstery materials. Here are some ideas that can help you turn your home into a Hollywood glam.

Tips for Making a Hollywood Glamor Living Room

The first thing that you should do when planning a Hollywood glamour living room is to reflect the excessive shine of the silver screen and other special Hollywood glitz items in your living space. To create an authentic Hollywood glamour, choose pieces of furniture that are rich with bold, sparkling crystals, large oversized mirrors, richly textured fabrics and bold art pieces on them. The large mirror creates the excessive shine and helps to reflect light in the living area. Large paintings of movie stars, celebrities or movie scenes on walls also help to create a Hollywood glamour. Choose pieces of furniture with ornate designs or those with intricate carvings or carousels. They will help you to reflect the shine of movies and other special Hollywood glitz items.

To turn the Hollywood glam living room into a real one, you need to choose fabrics with shiny materials like silk, velvet, satin or fringes. Look for furniture pieces made of fabrics that are lightweight and easy to clean. They should also be durable and easy to maintain. They should not only look elegant but should also feel comfortable to sit on.

Hollywood Glam Decor Design Style

Hollywood glam decor design style exudes from Hollywood actors and actresses. Pick up pieces that exude a Hollywood star feel and style. For instance, if you have a Hollywood glam living room with a couch and coffee table made of oak, then choose pieces that match those furniture items. Some pieces may even have the star’s signature or a design that resembles it. A vase with flowers or candles shaped like a certain character could also be good. It is best to get a sofa set with all the elements of the Hollywood glam design style.

Wall decoration is an important part of the Hollywood glam look. A large picture of Marilyn Monroe or any other famous star may be placed on the wall. Some pieces of furniture pieces or fabrics can be used to make posters for these Hollywood celebrities. Some pieces of furniture pieces, curtains, lamps, and chandelier should be in neutral colors and styles. This would enhance the Hollywood glam look in the living area.

Benefits of Installing Mirror in The Living Room

In some Hollywood glam living room, a mirrored coffee table and/or side table could be installed. The mirrors reflect the light in the room, thus creating a beautiful view. A modern rug can also be placed over the glass coffee table. A modern rug can give the best finishing touch to the look of the Hollywood glam.

Some other Hollywood glam look enhancing items include Hollywood fabrics like velvet, silk, satin, and lace. The fabrics provide a very classy touch to the Hollywood glam living room. Some fabrics like silk can be easily cleaned and maintain. There are accent rugs which are in different designs and shades, which could be great as well.

These are some great tips for decorating a Hollywood glamour living room. Create a perfect atmosphere and choose the right pieces of furniture and accent rugs. You can use modern fabrics like silk, satin, velvet and lace to decorate your room. Use proper interior color palettes for decorating. You can select colors for your walls, rug, curtain and other furniture according to your taste and personality. If you wish to send your article to homesfornh, you can check out this page!

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