Smaller Bathrooms Can Look Larger With Tropical Style Decor – Many times I end up in an apartment with a small tropical bathroom. My guests often comment that they never get to use it because the landlord is always gone for the night. This makes me very happy because they can finally enjoy their small bathroom while my water bill is still under one dollar. This article will show you how to create a tropical themed bathroom for less than you would ever imagine.

Rug One of the Ideas For Designing a Tropical Bathroom

There are two things you need to do when designing a small tropical bathroom decor: find a rug and hang some palm trees on the wall. The rug will be your centerpiece. You want it to be a large enough size to allow a few tropical plants to spread out, but small enough that guests can still comfortably walk in and out of the bathroom. The palm trees should be several feet high. They add a lot of color and beauty to the bathroom.

When selecting a color tone for your walls, I suggest going with a bright shade of green. This is the perfect tropical color tone because it is so vibrant. You can get away with using just dark colors because dark colors absorb more light. For a small decoration, you can use a bright color tone such as red, yellow or orange, but for the main color, I recommend going with a deep shade of green.

The Right Tropical Bathroom Lighting Tips

Another key aspect to this type of bathroom is using bright outdoor lighting around the perimeter of the room. With the proper lights and lanterns, your small tropical bathroom decoration will pop. My best advice is to use these accessories around a focal point in the room. If you have a large tree in the yard that you can shade from the front of your house, you can place the lanterns over that tree in the evening. You will also need a floor plan set out before you start decorating. This way, you know how much space you have and you can easily adjust your decoration pieces to fit into the limited space.

If you are planning on a brighter tropical look, consider a large screen TV instead of a small couch or chair. Bright lights can be very attractive and energize your small apartment. You may also want to get a few snazzy flip-flops for when you take a quick dip in the tub or when you’re drying off after a shower. You can find beautiful tropical prints at any home decorating store.

Bamboo Curtains for Tropical Bathroom Decor

Great tropical bathroom decor ideas include bamboo curtains. These colorful panels provide the necessary privacy while still allowing the natural light to stream through the window. Bamboo is also a wonderful material for wall hangings. If you have a nice wall hanging, adding some tropical botanical or floral prints can really rejuvenate the look of the room. You might even decide to put one of those lovely palm trees that lines the front of many beach and resort houses.

Other small decoration ideas for a refreshing tropical design theme include tropical wall art and wallpaper. Wall art can give you a beautiful line of sight without blocking the view of your tub or shower. Some of the more common artwork pieces include bamboo sculptures, palm trees, fish and coral reef designs. When choosing wallpaper, choose a background with rich colors to bring out the natural beauty of your bamboo or palm trees.

Tropical bathroom decor can be a great way to add a refreshing tropical touch to your small bathroom design. A little imagination and creativity can go a long way in this decorating design. You don’t need to have an enormous tropical home to enjoy the charm of tropical style bathroom design. All you need is a little imagination and a love of the natural world. Once you find your ideal decoration piece, you’ll soon have a bathroom that makes you feel like you’re taking a vacation right in the rainforest.

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