The Beauty of Eco-Friendly Living – An attractive contemporary home is just one which portrays the current contemporary style, which by the way is 21st century design and architecture. It is always evolving, that is why it changes and evolved, constantly adapting itself to what s constantly trendy, interesting, and new in the contemporary world of home architecture. A contemporary home would have a clean and very simple design, and it would consist mostly of simple geometric shapes, bold colors, and sleek surfaces. It has a very clean and neutral appearance. And you would also notice a lot of symmetry involved in most contemporary home designs.

Characteristics of a Contemporary House

A contemporary home would definitely have wide open spaces. They are not just large spaces, but rather they are spacious and have more area than a room. This is to facilitate an easy flow and movement throughout the home. Another contemporary home characteristic is that they are very simplistic in their design. Although the colors may still vary from time to time, but the main color scheme of contemporary homes usually stay on earth tones, preferably colors like grey, sand, white, tan, and brown.

Another contemporary home characteristic is its “understated” and “nuanced” feel. You won’t find too many of these elements in a typical traditional home. For example, you won’t find very many rooms with intricate carvings or pillars. And there will surely be very few rooms that will have plaster walls and delicate furniture. Unlike in traditional architecture where everything is very elaborate, contemporary design tries to maintain a much lower level of ornate and less detailed elements.

Another contemporary home characteristic is its simplistic nature, which means that it uses simple textures and materials. Some materials used are for example wood, metal, glass, ceramic, stone, and concrete. Most contemporary home designs will only use basic elements, and rarely will you find a fully furnished interior. This is also called minimalist interior design and was actually created as a reaction against more elaborate style of interior design. In other words, the concept was to make a design that is neither fancy nor too complex, so as not to distract from the main occupant.

Tips for Making a Comfortable Contemporary Home

A third contemporary home characteristic is its unity. Unlike traditional homes, contemporary homes are not overcrowded, and there is no color scheme, theme, or style. In fact, contemporary design is about functionality, as opposed to creating a visually appealing home. Unlike traditional homes, contemporary homes are designed to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.


So what types of features can you find in contemporary home designs? Well, besides the stunning simplicity and unity, contemporary homes typically lack any ornamentation, big front doors, large windows, elaborate exterior designs, etc. As a result, they are usually easier to decorate than traditional homes. They are also typically less expensive and less energy efficient than traditional designs. Due to these factors, contemporary home owners usually select eco-friendly building materials, light fixtures, furniture, window treatments, accessories, etc., which are friendly to the environment, as well as inexpensive.

Materials Used In Contemporary Homes

So how can you tell if you have an eco-friendly home? Eco-friendly features in contemporary homes include materials such as natural stone floors and wooden doors and window treatments. You may also want to choose light fixtures that use renewable resources, such as LED bulbs, CFLs, or low-energy bulbs, or energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems that require less electricity. You can also add features that are friendlier to the environment, such as bamboo wall dividers, shutters, rain gutters, roof gardens, etc.

Contemporary homes are also characterized by an architectural style called “builder-builders” style. It was created in the 1920s, and was a result of new construction methods used by the U.S. steel industry. This style is characterized by an intricate attention to detail, as well as geometric forms, curved corners, rounded corners, and straight lines. Many contemporary homes are being designed with this particular style in mind, which can be a challenge to homeowners who wish to avoid cookie-cutter home styles. Overall, if you want a green home, eco-friendly living, or a contemporary home that looks modern and different, it may be time to check out what eco-friendly options are available today.

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