How to Enhance Your Mid Century Modern Living Room

Sisijoke.comMid century modern is an old-fashioned style of that could be loosely described as minimalist. It was born out of an effort to combine art, practicality, and comfort, and it’s just as popular today as it was fifty years ago. If you love the idea of this style but don’t know how to put it into practice, follow these interior decorating tips to modernize your living space. Your home is worth a lot more if it’s decorated in this sophisticated manner.

Decorating Mid Century Modern Living Room

The first thing that you need to think about when you set out to decorate a mid-century modern living room is color. White is a good choice, since it brings out the clean lines and simplicity of the room. You can also use off-white to give the room a fresh, casual feeling. There are many prints that you might consider using, like stripes or checks. You can even cover large windows with these prints for a dramatic effect.

Next, you need to choose a focal point for your room. A simple coffee table with a noguchi tablecloth is ideal. The noguchi coffee table is made from rattan, a type of wood known for its versatility and strength. If your living room is huge, consider using tapered legs on the table. You’ll get the same effect as you would get from mid-century modern furniture with tapered legs.

Pillows An Important Part Of A Decorating Scheme

Pillows are an important part of any decorating scheme, since they play an important role in bringing together the geometric patterns and shapes that you have chosen. For a mid-century modern living room, the geometric patterns and shapes you will likely choose are bold, contemporary, and bolder than normal. These elements include busy rectangles, square blocks, and rounded curves.

As you work on your mid-century modern living room design, make sure the pieces you chose coordinate well. For example, if your sofa has a rounded, rectangular shape, make sure your wall-mounted lamps and end tables also have that shape. You should be able to find all the necessary accessories and accents to complete your look!

After you have chosen your furniture and accents, you need to think about your color scheme. You have plenty of options when it comes to colors, but it is often best to keep your palette limited to two primary colors: one that you love and one that you can live with. Keep your color palette conservative and avoid too many strong colors or extremely vibrant tones. You can add touches of orange and red in small portions, but make sure they do not dominate. Your mid-century modern living room design needs to be inviting and comfortable, not exciting and loud.

Choosing Mid-Century Modern Living Room Furniture

When you are choosing furnishings for your mid-century modern living room, you’ll want to choose pieces with clean lines. Clean, simple lines are ideal for this style of decor because they will showcase the geometric patterns, shapes, and patterns you have chosen. One great option for a clean-looking piece of furniture is a flat, vertical velvet sofa. A vertical sofa will look good with a wide-ranging floral arrangement or a striped couch. Another option for a clean-looking piece of furniture is a shaggy rug that features a coordinating floral print.

Mid-century modern homes usually have exposed brick walls and floors, so your furniture and accents need to have strong support. Because you are aiming for a more uniformed look, you should choose accents and furniture pieces that share the same color palette – meaning accents such as a flat leather table lamp with leather accent chair pads and matching accent pillows will look great together. coordinating throw pillows and other accent pieces can also be used to enhance the look of your room, so take some time when you shop and explore all of the options available.

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