Add Some Rustic Beauty to Your Outdoor Living Space With a Bold Bohemian Exterior – The Bohemian look was born in the late sixties and seventies in America and is characterized by lavish ornamentation, unconventional dressing, and free-form styling. Many of the Bohemian items you might have seen at trendy cafes and restaurants are a part of the Bohemian style. To some people living in more traditional societies, this may seem like an oxymoron. However, when you view Bohemian fashion as a sort of eccentricity and embrace it for its aesthetic value and distinctive style instead of simply judging it against conventional ideas of what makes a fashionable or livable style, then you can appreciate its boldness.

Creating a Cool Bohemian Style

For instance, Bohemian style is often associated with hip hop and jungle music. In fact, the Bohemian style is sometimes called the “Lyrical,” “Gnarly,” and “Natural.” These elements combine to create the Bohemian style that exudes a sense of cool, wild abandon, and natural beauty. To create your own Bohemian style, you need to choose great pieces of clothing that you can wear with the ensemble and make sure they go well with each other.

A bohemian-style home is said to be one that embraces natural materials and enhances its beauty. A common motif in Bohemian style houses is organic materials like rattan and teak, which you can find in abundance in many bohemian-style homes. In addition, these materials exude a certain rustic charm that is very appealing to many people. To add more interest to your Bohemian style home, you should consider having a fountain or a small fountain statue strategically placed. You can also place several fountains around the exterior of your house like a birdbath, a sundial, or a pagoda.

Great Way to Design a Bohemian Exterior

Another great way to design a Bohemian exterior is to use Boho art and Indian crafts as a way to decorate the outside of your home. Boho bags, rugs, and jewelry are all commonly used pieces and look great together with Bohemian furnishings such as tables made of wood, wrought iron, or wrought iron grills. You can also incorporate Boho style wall art on your doors or as an accent piece on wooden floors. Adding mirrors to your interior and exterior design adds a touch of uniqueness to your Bohemian style home.

In order to complete the bohemian-inspired look in your exterior, you should utilize Indian decor and Native American art objects to accent your landscape and create a natural flow throughout your home. These items include baskets, drums, sun dials, crescent and star shaped necklaces, and potted plants in baskets. You can easily find great bargains by searching the internet for Indian and Native art objects.

Use of Natural Lighting For The Exterior

Lighting is a key element of Bohemian style homes and is another great way to add a natural look and appeal. If your exterior lighting will be comprised mostly of fairy lights then you can use these in several different ways throughout your house. For instance, hanging a fairy light with a tribal design can give your Bohemian door entrance a unique flair. You can also use a lot of small lanterns, string lighting, and other rustic outdoor lighting to accent your natural materials. A small circular outdoor candle with a rustic knot design can be placed at each of your guest’s places, which will also provide them with a little extra light during their next visit.

Your Bohemian style home will also benefit from the use of Native American and other native American art objects. These can be a great way to incorporate your personality into your design. Consider hanging a large red and black plaid print that you’ve made yourself out of cedar beads and leather. Also, consider displaying other native American items like pottery or even a large red and black gourd for centerpieces.

A lot of people are starting to get really interested in Bohemian style homes, now that it has become a more mainstream design. There are a lot of different reasons why Bohemian design is appealing. It incorporates the elements of the wild west as well as nature and culture. These elements seem to fit perfectly with the natural surroundings of many of the world’s cities. A Bohemian home offers a lot of functionality and style in an easy going and fun environment.

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