The Rustic Bedroom – When you think of the rustic woman, one of the first images that come to mind is a mountain biker lady, riding her horse with the wind in her hair. The rustic look is fun and flirty, and you don’t have to be an avid outdoorsman to pull it off. In fact, it’s probably the most unifying feature of a true rustic woman’s decor, whether she chooses to keep it traditional or go with the current fad.

rustic bedroom

The first element of the rustic style that we’ll discuss is furniture. A great deal of the appeal of rustic furniture comes from the aged, worn quality of the pieces. Bedroom sets are especially good for this theme, as you’ll often find wood accents such as wood bedside tables and wood chest cases. Rustic furniture can also be created out of metal, such as a basic wood side table. You can choose from a variety of styles, from simple and basic to ornate and decorative.

The next item of furniture that needs to be considered is the bed. It’s not always practical to choose the largest bed you can find, as it can become a focal point of the room. A nice option is a rustic footboard, which helps to add height to the bed and provides storage space beneath the mattress. Rustic benches are another great choice, as they too provide seating and can be decorated with handmade stone or art. If you’re looking for a place to put the bed, then a rustic night stand is a great place to start.

rustic bedroom

Lighting is very important for a rustic bedroom. The natural light coming from the bed and the surrounding area brighten up the room. If you’re concerned about your electricity bill, then you can choose wall sconces for added light. If you use candles in the bedroom, then look for ones that have a natural color such as brown or black. Natural wood chandeliers also look fantastic and complement the color scheme of the rustic bedroom.

The flooring used in a rustic-themed bedroom should also match the decor. Natural materials such as rough stone, ceramic tile and rough wood look great. Linoleum flooring may be slightly more expensive but it offers a unique look and is extremely durable. Wood floors work well if you have a lot of traffic in the bedroom.

Accessorizing is essential for a rustic bedroom. Use knick knacks to store away items that you don’t need in your everyday life. Glass beads, knick-knacks and other forms of artwork are perfect for hanging. For additional storage, consider having a couple of small drawers or cabinets installed in the bedroom. They also add an extra touch of style to the bed.

rustic bedroom

You can also create a romantic ambiance in your rustic-themed bedroom by adding a rustic bed canopy. A bed canopy can be used to complement or even replace your bedcovers. They are available in various sizes and colors to complement any bed cover. You could use one to wrap around your bed just above the head and have the other hand covered with a matching bed sheet. You could also opt to leave the curtains loose and just pull up over the bed to offer you a romantic feel in the room.

Decorating your rustic bedroom isn’t hard. You’ll probably be amazed at the many great choices available for such a low cost. You can choose from a plethora of wall art, rugs, pillows and more to create the perfect look for your rustic room. By choosing solid colors, you’ll want everything to tie together, so you may want to keep your accent rugs to a minimum. As long as you stay in line with the theme and compliment it with mirrors, a rustic woman bedroom is a beautiful place to spend time.

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