Modern Rustic Style Siding For Your Log Home – You’ve searched high and low for Modern Rustic Exterior Ideas but what you found don’t quite match up to what you really want. You’ve seen many great ideas, but the details just aren’t right. You need inspiration to pull all of those great ideas from. In July, you will have an opportunity to take part in the shaping of the next generation of rustic exterior design ideas. Come join us!

Rustic Style House Material

We’ll begin with the basics: the materials. A basic rustic style house can be made entirely of natural wood. Houses with the natural wood look are becoming more popular. You might choose a rustic log cabin or even just a simple natural wood gazebo with an addition of rustic furnishings. If you want a more elaborate style, you can include natural wood floors and walls throughout the entire home.

Other rustic home exteriors use other types of materials like stone, brick, vinyl and cedar. Stone is the most popular choice for the walls of the exterior. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just stone. Many other materials are used and there are many rustic home exteriors using all of these materials.

Next, you have to think about the layout. Are you looking for a cottage-style design or a country home-style? The type of architecture you select will depend greatly on the style of house you’re looking at. Houses with little to no architectural ornamentation will lend themselves to the cottages, country and barn styles. Cottage-style rustic homes often have an open kitchen with lots of windows, large windows facing the landscape, and a built-in fireplace.

Wooden Interior Use

Houses that have a lot of architectural detail, like a grand entrance or elaborate window designs, will lend themselves more to the country or barn style rustic interior design. Rustic homes can also be very eclectic in their design. One great example is a rustic log home. These homes use wood throughout their interior and are often very stylized, with very few lines if any throughout the interior or the exterior design. Rustic log homes are also known for being one of the most energy efficient houses, as well.

Other popular materials for a modern rustic house interior are cedar and redwood. Cedar siding has been a mainstay in the construction of homes for hundreds of years. It’s easy to maintain, requires little maintenance and has a long life span, making it an ideal choice for modern homes.

Choose a Sturdy and Durable Red Wood Wall

Redwood siding is also very sturdy and durable. The natural color of the redwood also adds a unique sense of warmth that is important in any home design. If you choose redwood for your rustic exterior house design ideas, you may also want to look into other types of hardwoods like cedar and spruce. These hardwoods are not as common, but some people prefer them for their rustic homes.

Whether you choose wood or any other type of exterior material for your rustic home exteriors, there are a number of things to consider. Some important parts of a rustic home include the siding, roof and windows. You should also pay close attention to the kind of maintenance you’ll need to do on your house. Regular maintenance and weather protection are essential to keeping your rustic home in good condition. Rustic home exteriors can be beautiful and stylish, if they’re designed properly, so don’t be afraid to get creative when you design yours.

Easy Ways to Make a Rustic Wooden House

For example, instead of using nails or screws to fasten your siding to the roof, you may want to use siding nails or screws. Modern rustic style siding materials are usually made of vinyl, and you can easily install vinyl siding over wood siding. Wood siding, however, is a much harder material, and it will take more effort and time to install it over vinyl. So if you’re going with the more traditional rustic style siding for your exterior home, you may want to consider installing your siding over metal or aluminum siding.

If you decide to use wood siding, there are many maintenance free ways to keep it looking its best. The main thing to remember about wood siding, however, is that it does need maintenance and protection from the elements. It’s possible for wood siding to last for hundreds of years, and sometimes, even more than a hundred years. However, because wood siding can’t withstand very high temperatures, it will expand and contract depending on the season, and when it’s exposed to light. In order to prevent your rustic wood siding from expanding or contracting, you will need to coat it with a sealant once each year, which can also help protect it from weather damage, such as cracking.

Finally, if you do choose to use wood as the primary material for your log home, don’t forget about the potential maintenance free benefits. Because wood is so sturdy, you can put a lot of wear and tear into just one log home. However, if you decide to use vinyl siding instead, you will have less maintenance to worry about, as well as a lower cost in the long run. Maintenance-free rustic siding is something that everyone should strive for, no matter what type of home they live in. A log home gives you the chance to have the rustic look without all the maintenance.

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