How to Use Greenery Wall Decor in Your Home –┬áThere are many ways to incorporate greenery wall decor in your home. You can use potted plants and flower baskets, or even carved greenery wall art.

Wall Decoration with Beautiful Green Plants

Cascading plant baskets can add a festive touch to a neutral wall. The plants can also create a thick covering on retaining walls. A variety of different cascading plants can be used in greenery wall decor. These plants will thrive in a sunny location. Before planting, make sure that the ground is well-drained and that the soil mix is airy and moist.

Silver falls are beautiful and easy to grow. Their vines spread 3 to 4 feet, growing shimmering leaves. They can be placed on a retaining wall or hung over a basket. Bird’s Nest Fern is another low-maintenance plant. Its attractive blooms add color to any room. It is also heat tolerant.

Modern Decoration that Creates an Exotic Feel

Angelface(r) Cascade angelonia is perfect for hanging baskets. It has height on top of the pot and can cascade over the edge to over 20 inches. If you’re looking for a stylish, and easy to care for, indoor plant, look no further than Pothos. This tropical shrub will go with a lot of different styles, and can be used as an outdoor accent as well. The plant is also known to be toxic to cats, so make sure you keep it out of the way if you have a feline in the house.

In terms of modern decor, the pothos can be the centerpiece of any home or office. You can also incorporate it into your bathroom to create an exotic feel. A shower room can be transformed into a faux-French Polynesian oasis with the addition of a pothos vine. One of the most impressive ways to adorn your wall is by placing a self-watering wall display. A jute hanger holds a white ceramic planter containing both dark green and white variegated pothos. As with any houseplant, you should take care to water the plant occasionally.

Make Stunning Wall Decorations

If you are looking for a way to create beautiful wall decor, look no further than cascading plants. These stunning flowers grow like vines and are a great addition to any garden. They come in various shapes and colors. Cascades can be grown on a trellis or on a hanging basket. You can also use cascades to create a thick covering on a retaining wall. However, it is important to have a sunny location for the plants to thrive.

To get a cascade effect, plant the plants sideways towards the trellis. Once they reach 10 inches tall, transplant them into a pot. A few weeks after transplanting, apply growth regulators. This will prevent the plants from stretching when the flowers start to bloom. Another great option for a cascading bouquet is eucalyptus. The leaves of this plant add a unique touch to the arrangement. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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