Traditional Family Room Design Ideas – Are you looking for a way to add a traditional family room to your home? One way to do that is to use a warm color scheme in the room. If your entire family loves to gather around the traditional family room watching TV and enjoying each other’s company, then you should choose a traditional family room design that will be comfortable and welcoming. Keep reading to learn more about traditional colors and how you can incorporate them into your new traditional family room design.

Beautiful Family Living Room Design

Traditionally, traditional family room designs feature lots of rich, intense colors like burgundy, olive, and chocolate. If you would like to make a more traditional family room, work on using rich, intense tones of red, maroon, chocolate browns, and earthy shades of green, mauve, or olive. Choose richly textured fabrics like heavy cardstock, shaggy curtains, or lush brocade for your walls. Accent the traditional look by adding decorative pillows, a traditional center piece, and a few nicks in the finish to bring in a rustic vibe to the room.

For a more southwestern feel to your traditional family room, go for rich, deep colors like reds, oranges, browns, and tans. A good idea for contrast in a traditional family room is to use earth tones like mocha and clay. To complete the look, put in a traditional fireplace and find wall sconces in rich earth tones, like sand, clay, and terracotta. Wall decor in these earth tones can include large paintings or prints, ceramic or pottery accessories, and Native American pottery. These can all be displayed on long, narrow shelves that are set low to the floor.

Add a Touch of Glamor to a Traditional Family Room

Add a touch of glamor and formality to a traditional family room by using neutral earth tones and polished wooden furniture. Neutral tones like cream should be used throughout, along with some splashes of red. You may want to choose an all-wooden furniture style, which would also allow you to dress up the walls a bit more. Look for tables, chests, and dressers that come in a circular or square shape. You could also go for a mantel on one wall with a complimentary Indian table runner and wooden sculptures.

To complete the look of a traditional family room in the southwest, add a colorful rug as well as a few large family photos on the wall. Large paintings or prints can be used as wall hangings, too. In order to truly tie the look together, put up some authentic items that are Southwest related, such as whimsical depictions of cactus, a Navajo figurines, and even an authentic painted Indian drum. You may also want to choose a few rugs for the sitting room and entrance area. These will give the room some depth and help tie everything together.

If your home is being built with a traditional hardwood floor, then you want every part of the room to feel traditional. Even the most barren and dull parts of the house can be made to seem interesting and comfortable. A traditional hardwood floor can give a sense of warmth to a room that no other type of surface can, since it is so similar to the traditional hardwoods used for building houses. Pair a rustic oak desk with wooden beams and rustic wooden doors with a traditional Indian longhouse and drum and you’ll get a room with a rich history.

Traditional Living Room With Wooden Floor

If your hardwood floor isn’t available, you can still create the traditional atmosphere in your home by choosing pieces that have a classic feel. For example, if you have a plain wood desk but you want something with a decorative metal trim, then you can install decorative metal strips around the edges or use decorative metal fasteners to tack pieces of traditional furniture together. You can even use modern vanities with traditional designs and paint them the color of the wood. Then you can use the traditional look as a jumping off point for more modern decor. Install a contemporary coffee table, and you’ll take your theme of traditional furniture one step further.

These are just a few traditional family room design ideas. You don’t have to follow these rules exactly, but they give you a starting point for decorating. Don’t feel limited by traditional living room decor. Make traditional elements in your home seem to flow with the times, and this will add a lot to the charm and comfort of your home. Try incorporating some rustic touches, and you’ll find that you have created a family room that everyone enjoys!. If you wish to send your article to nexthomegeneration, you can check out this page!.

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