Victorian Living Room Features – Making Your Home Look Like a Victorian Attraction – Victorian living rooms are usually more dark wood and have heavy drapes and paneling. The furniture is plain, simple, and often uncomfortable, so it’s important to think about how you want your room to appear before buying the items. You can choose to match your furniture, such as your cabinets and sofa to the colors of the walls or you can buy Victorian reproductions to give the room a more classic Victorian feel. These reproductions can be purchased at antique shops, furniture stores, or online through catalogs or websites that specialize in Victorian-themed items. Here are some tips for decorating a Victorian living room.

The Uniqueness Of The Victorian Living Room

In the Victorian living room, the doors and windows covered with draperies and large louvers are very elaborate. They had elaborate inset glass plates with cutouts for windows that were opened and closed. Some of these were made of real glass, while others were made of fancy crystal chandeliers. It was common to find intricate floral designs on these doors and windows. You could keep the curtains open during the day to keep the drapery glistening, but at night, the curtains would be drawn and the windows covered with drapes or heavy louvers to let in natural light.

Your Victorian living room showcases a lot of vintage style furnishings. You’ll see an abundance of large, thick, cozy sofas that were known for their large amounts of seating area. Sennheisers and Adler brothers were some of the most popular companies of the period that made these large sofas. Today, they are very comfortable and easy to find, and these days most modern sofas are quite similar in size and style.

Luxurious Velvet Brocade Installation on the Floor

For the floor you could pair the plush velvet brocades with the more formal taffeta. You could use a darker, richer color for the floor rugs. The wall coverings of the Victorian living room design ideas are usually floral in nature. You might use a patterned wallpaper or throw pillows that are rich in floral patterns and designs. You can choose to have your wall colors match your accent pieces or have them contrast so that the two compliment each other. You could also opt for a mural painted on one wall to give it that old-world charm.

You don’t have to stop with just the wall coverings in your living room. Add some finishing touches like a matching end table or matched chair sofas. You can choose a sleek iron table and chairs or opt for a cozy wrought iron coffee table and matching chairs. Matching end tables add to the vintage look, as does a sofa paired with a matching leather chair. You can get away with a plain wooden coffee table or an elegantly designed metal one if it matches your decor beautifully.

Using a Gray Sofa

Gray sofas are a great way to bring in the Victorian era into your living room features without having to spend a lot of money. You could choose to pair with a contemporary flat top sofa with an intricately designed gray marble coffee table. Matching side tables and footstools with matching sofas give your living room features of elegance and charm. You can even choose to place a Victorian fireplace in your living room features to give it that old-world charm.

If you want to keep the look of the old Victorian era, glass top coffee tables are a great way to do that. There are so many styles and shapes of glass top coffee tables to choose from. You can find the simple round ones with three chairs or tall square glass tables with five chairs or round glass tops. Whatever you choose for your Victorian living room showcases, you will find that it adds a touch of class to any style of furniture.

Adding gold accents to your walls is a nice way to bring more of the old Victorian style into your home. You can go with more of the bronze gold colors for your wall and cabinets. You can also use gold sconces on your mirrors. To really add that old world charm, you could have pictures in your walls such as portraits of favorite family members. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your home to look like it has a Victorian flair. You can use a variety of different wall colors, lots of gold accents and plenty of antiques to make your Victorian living room features look like it was taken right out of the Victorian age.

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