Renting a Vintage Playroom for Your Child’s Party – “Vintage Playroom” is a new arts and crafts party venue at which your child can imagine, learn, create and play in a fun, inspiring environment. An imaginative journey through shadow and story play, dramatic play and role playing, followed by creative crafts and arts workshops. Come along as we re-invent the way children learn and experience the world around them! This is for kids of all ages but is especially suited to pre-school children. Presented by the award winning comedian David Miranda, it is a one-of-a-kind event taking place in the heart of Liverpool.

Creating a Vintage Playroom

What is so unique about vintage playroom? It has been designed as a venue which combines all things from the past, present and future. Bringing together children’s creative energy, street tricks, street performers and innovative ideas, this venue will definitely bring the past to life in an edgy and lively environment. From the age of three to the age of six. Your child will be thrilled by the magical experience of being surrounded by friends, family and performers whilst experiencing a half term birthday party at their “frightful” vintage playroom!

The venue is situated in between a supermarket and the original theatre (yes a real theatre!) at Wallington High Street. You will notice that the “stage” is a long table, which is placed directly opposite the “stage” where you’ll find the “playroom”. The “playroom” is an octagonal table surrounded by wooden benches with soft lighting provided by a string of potted plants on each side.

Placing the Long Table

The seating arrangement is quite different to the standard “stage” arrangement. This long table is placed in the centre of the room, so that the children are situated at eye level with each other. Children can perform arts and craft tasks while enjoying a full view of what is happening on stage. The vintage playroom has a full set of props and sound equipment including a chalkboard for children to make their own music and art creations. They also have a mini stage right next to the long table which can be used for children to perform their own shows or to act as extras for other performances.

So how much does it cost? There are packages available with various prices. You may want to contact the venue in Liverpool before your visit to obtain further information. Usually you will be required to pay for the service up front, depending on whether it’s a private hire for individuals or an entire venue hire. Once you have confirmed your birthday party venue in Liverpool, you’ll be able to get online and start looking for some great deals, which can really make your trip to Liverpool an unforgettable one.

Tricks To Rent a Vintage Playroom

When renting a vintage playroom, there are several things to take into consideration. One of those is to think about space. If you’re expecting a large group, then consider getting a larger unit that can hold 20 or more children at once. If you’re just having a quiet time with some friends, you may be able to get away with a smaller unit that seats between four and ten.

You also need to take the amount of noise into account. If your vintage playroom is going to be used by a younger family, you’ll want to consider if it’s loud enough. Some units have been designed with very noticeable walls and doorways that will filter noise. However, if you want your kids to make as much noise as possible, then you may want to consider a unit that doesn’t have these decorations. This way they can have as much fun making as noise as possible.

Lastly, when considering renting a vintage playroom for your party, don’t forget to think about the theme. Children love to dress up and run around in all sorts of costumes. To save room in the basement or on the deck, you might want to consider allowing the children to play one of their favorites characters from a movie or TV show. Other themes might include animals or even sports. Whatever your child’s favorite hobby is, there’s sure to be a vintage playroom unit that fits into the theme!

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