Shabby Chic Play Room Decorating Idea – Shabby chic is a decorating style that is perfect for playrooms. There are many benefits to this style of decorating – your little girls could even learn to paint! You can find shabby chic furniture at most furniture stores, and now there’s an entire online industry devoted to this decorating theme. One of the advantages of shabby chic playroom decor is that you can be more creative than you would normally be with a traditional decorating theme. Here are a few tips on how you can get started with your own shabby chic playroom.

Shabby Chic Style Room Painting Colors

One of the first things you can do is to paint the walls in all the colors you love. Your shabby chic room will look like an antique piece of furniture from the past. Choose colors such as dusty rose, burnt orange, dusty mint, wisteria, and wister blue. You can use crayon pens or paints straight out of the tube, or purchase pre-colored paint in craft or art supply stores. Remember that light colors, such as white, can be used to make the room seem bigger.


If your child is small enough to handle painting the walls, then try to mark them in different colors with stickers. These will be great for covering up stains, but you can leave the bigger stains alone. This way your shabby chic furniture will still have a classic look. Another option is to purchase fabric wall art that matches the colors of your furniture.

Hanging Vintage Shabby Chic Playroom Crystal Decorations

Once the paint is dry, you can accent the room with items from shabby chic decors. A wrought iron candle holder is a great way to add some light and warmth to the room. It’s also a good place to store your remote control so you can breeze through the room when you’re playing. You can also hang vintage crystal decors or knick knacks to add a unique flair to the shabby chic playroom. Again, these can either be found in craft or art supply stores or you can buy a unique piece online.

For some ideas on what to place on the walls in the shabby chic playroom, you should consider the pieces you already own. There are plenty of accessories available that you haven’t used in years. Maybe your dad painted the room white and you never got around to replacing it. An Ottoman would be a perfect place to store your remote controls. An old lamp with an art print on the cover would be a fun and stylish accent.

Playroom Design Shabby Chic Style Goal

One thing to remember when adding shabby chic items to your room is that they aren’t essential. You can just as easily go with bold paint colors and a modern style lamp. The goal is to bring the colors and designs together, so you don’t sacrifice functionality. That’s not to say that you can’t mix and match different shabby chic pieces. The shabby chic wall decor can actually work in conjunction with more current styles if done correctly.

Just because shabby chic is a trend, it doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the basics. In fact, the shabby chic look is all about using the lesser known and more inexpensive finds to create a look that is both interesting and unusual. If you enjoy collecting vintage brooches or needlepoint needles, you might want to try to display them on the wall as a unique accent. Small vintage boxes that hold lace or wool blankets can also be a great addition. You might even find shabby chic wall decor that you can’t quite identify that will add a unique modern vibe to your bedroom. The trick is knowing where to look and having fun while doing it.

While you can certainly spend plenty of money to have a shabby chic style decorating taste in your home, there are plenty of less expensive ways to create a charming look in any room. When it comes to your play room, just be your own decorator and let your shabby chic guide you. You’ll have lots of fun while making your bedroom one that everyone will love!

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