How to Create a Coastal Living Room – To give your coastal living room a seaside vibe, start with a pale sky blue wall. Then, accent the room with nautical decor, such as woven baskets, a modern sideboard, and beach pillows. Then, add a classic striped sofa and a couple of accent chairs to finish the look. If you’d like to make your coastal living room even more unique, you can include a framed octopus print poster and add a beach-themed lamp to the space.

Using Light Colored Woven Carpets

Keeping the room bright is the key to a coastal living room. Use white accents to bring in coastal decor. Two nautical buoys tied with natural rope rest on the mantle above a white framed mirror. The white walls are also framed by two bookshelves filled with nautical decor. The shiplap ceiling is accented by exposed white beams. A framed painting hangs above a dark wooden accent table. A bright-hued rug completes the room’s cosy ambiance.

Using a light-colored woven rug as the centerpiece of the living room is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere. White wicker furniture and decor are popular in coastal living rooms. White built-in bookcases on blue backs will frame the TV and fireplace. If you have a green thumb, you can opt for a turquoise-framed photo of a kelp forest or a bright blue beach. Incorporate tropical prints and pillows throughout the room.

Using seashells and other ocean-inspired accessories is another way to add a beach-inspired accent to your living room. A seashell shadow box is an easy DIY project, and you can make it yourself using an old printer’s tray. You can also display it on a table or mantel. Adding an ocean-inspired table like this can help you create a coastal living room that’s both comfortable and unique.

Adding a Beach Accent to the Room

Using white walls and light blue sofas is one way to bring the coastal theme inside. A pale blue coffee table and matching pillows will bring the seaside theme indoors. Then, use seashells, palm fronds, and other seaside finds as eye-catching accents to add more flair to the room. This coastal living room will give you a feeling of freedom and openness. And if you want to make it more casual, go for a seaside-themed wall decor.

A mid-sized coastal living room highlights the calmness of the sea with natural textures and white shiplap walls. The gray stone fireplace, and white beamed ceilings complement the sofa’s pillows. Coastal living rooms are the perfect place to incorporate the beach into your home. The calming atmosphere of the sea is just right for any room, whether it’s a beach house or a contemporary apartment. It doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve the look.

Easy Ways to Find Coastal Living Room Designs

If you’re looking for a contemporary coastal living room, look no further than interior designer Tyler Karu. His design uses a coastal color palette and geometric patterns to make the space look comfortable without feeling too cliche. In addition to a comfortable sectional, his design uses shiplap walls, a nautical-inspired rug, and lots of natural wood accents. The result is a space that feels as though it’s been transported to the beach.

If you’re looking for a coastal living room that feels warm and inviting, start with a simple, yet elegant space. A large wraparound window creates a sense of openness and makes the room feel more airy. Wood accents and leather upholstery add a luxurious feel. A bold, white sofa channels the spirit of a beach shack. Alternatively, choose a beach-themed interior design that incorporates elements from a seaside cottage, but keeps the space fresh and bright. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.

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