4 Popular Bali Design Features for a Tropical Home

Sisijoke.com –┬áTropical home decorating isn’t exactly an old concept from time immemorial. It arises from the British Colonial Style, which brought along various Caribbean influences and other exotic aspects to the new continent. Indian and Caribbean traditions influenced the British Empire because of the colonial era and brought along tropical style as the most formal amongst their type. The influence of the British ruled over almost all the countries in the Caribbean and parts of South America, so these influenced the design that every country in the region has.

Popular Best Tropical House Design

This kind of decor is very popular, especially in the Caribbean. The British influenced the design that is why most of the people today want to bring the British influence into their homes. Some of the best tropical home design motifs are the use of British colonials furniture and the use of palm trees and other plants. A colonial-inspired motif is often used to enhance the beauty of the British-influenced home. Usually, such images or motifs are brought from colonial British war vessels and are then placed on the walls, tables and doors. These images are a symbol of the British legacy that can be seen on British colonial buildings.

If you want your own tropical home design, then you can add the British colonial style motif to your home. This theme can be brought from books and other objects. Some of the best examples of British-inspired themes are the Caribbean-style paintings and prints which have rich colors. Images like these have an easy-to-use palette that is easy to install. There is also a lot of wall artwork and pictures that you can place on your walls that have similar colors.

You need to create an image source for your tropical home decoration that has vibrant colors like the Caribbean palette. You can bring this Caribbean palette from old pictures that you may have at home or you can even copy it with the help of photos online. You will also need to create a background for your design that should be a color that complements the tones in the Caribbean palette.

Tips for Completing a Tropical Home Look

Every time of the day, you should place these brightly colored plants in front of the windows so that you can enjoy the afternoon and feel refreshed. You can also create a frame on the wall for more attraction. To complete the look of your tropical homes, the use of plants should be all the time. The plants should be placed in every space where you can comfortably sit and work. They should also be placed around the patio so that you can enjoy the shade while sipping on a cold drink.

Lighting is a very important element of a tropical home design. Your design will look very boring if your lighting is not creative. If the lights are too bright, it will distract you from seeing the image source so try to go for softer lights. On the other hand, too dim light will make your plants look pale and the images will not be as sharp. For this type of lighting, you can either choose a pendant light or ceiling light that will be perfect for the design of your tropical home.

Considering a Tropical Design for the Bedroom

The key to making a tropical home looks attractive is by creating an image source that is larger than the actual size of the room. This will add drama to the design and will add a sense of dimension to the whole interior. To do this, you need to choose motifs that are bigger than the size of the room. For example, the motifs that you can consider for the bedroom would be that of a palm tree, a coconut, a boa, and a man sleeping beneath the starry sky. All these motifs and images should have the same size so that when the light shines on them, they will form an image that is bigger than the size of the room.

Creating a tropical home does not end with choosing the best design features. You also have to pay attention to how you bring these designs to life. For this reason, you have to ensure that you have a good color scheme. Bamboo floors are a great choice for a floor in a tropical home because it blends in very well with any kind of color scheme. You can use tiki lamps and pillows made of bamboo, which can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home. For more interior designing ideas, you can consult the Bali Design Guide. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.

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