How to Apply Eyeshadow For Small Eyes – It may seem impossible to wear eyeshadow on small eyes, but with the right tips and tricks, you can fix this problem easily. The first thing that people notice about you is your eyes, so it’s important to dress them well. Here are some makeup tips to give you bigger-looking eyes. Dark shades of eyeshadow can make your eyelids look heavier and close-set. A light-colored shadow can open up your eyes and minimize the appearance of a small eye.

Tricks to Use White Eyeliner for Bright Eyes

Use dark shadow all over the lid to make your eyes look larger. Instead of using a dark pencil, use a light, flesh-tone pencil for your eyelids. You can also use white or flesh-toned eyeliner to brighten the eye area. Using wing-out eyeliner is especially helpful if your eyes are small. This technique extends the look of your eye size. But if you want to create a cat-eye effect, avoid using dark shades of eyeshadow.

If you have a small eyelid, use a light color of eyeshadow. Dark colors can make your eyes look smaller, so you should try experimenting with colors that are complementary to your skin tone. Remember, light colors are best for small eyes. Always use pearly eyeshadow for your lids. The application of eyeshadow for small-sized eyes should be easy and go with any look. You should also avoid mixing two or more shades of eyeshadow.

A light-colored eye shadow can make your eyes look wider. The smudged shadow can also be used as a highlighter under your eyebrow bone. Applying a light-colored eyeshadow under the brow bone can also help to lift your eyes. This is especially important if you have smaller eyes. The best eyeshadow for small eyes is the one that has a shimmer or subtle shimmer to it. In addition, it helps to highlight your lower lash line, which is very common with small-sized eyes.

A Great Way to Beautify Small Eyes

Using light-colored eyeshadows is a great way to enhance your small eyes. Depending on the shape of your eyes, you can use different shades of eyeshadow to make your eyes look larger. However, you should avoid using too many dark shades for your smaller eyes. This is because dark shades will only make them look smaller. You should keep the color of your lashes light in order to avoid clumping.

Dark-colored eyeshadows are great for small eyes. The smoky eye look makes your eyes look bigger and is also better suited for small eyes. Choosing a shade of eyeshadow for your small eyes is an ideal makeup tip for any woman. The best way to apply eye shadow for your tiny eyes is to make sure it covers up the shadow and emphasizes the details. This is because the dark shade of eyeshadow draws attention to the inner corners of your eye and thus makes your eyes appear smaller.


Apply light-colored eyeshadows to the inner corner of your eyes. Then, apply dark-colored eyeshadows to the outer corners of your eyes. Medium-colored eyeshadows can be used to define the basic shape of the entire eye. You can also choose neutral-colored shades. If you have small eyes, you can use light-colored creases and a highlighter on the inner corners. The brow bone is a good place to apply light-colored eyeshadows.

Creating Bigger and Beautiful Eyes

If you have small eyes, you should use dark-colored eyeshadows on the lower lash lines. These will draw attention to your eyes and make them appear bigger. For small eyes, you can also try bold shades of eyeshadow on the lower lash line. These colors will create the illusion of bigger eyes. The best way to apply these colors is by using a contouring color on the lower waterline. Once you’ve got your contoured look, you can begin applying your eyeshadow.

Small eyes need the right eyeshadow colors. The most important rule is to avoid black kajal because it can make the eyes look smaller. You can also use a light-colored kohl pencil to make your eyes look wider. For dark eyes, you can blend dark shadows along the lower lash line with the rest of your eyeshadow. But if you have dark-colored eyes, you should wear light-colored kohl or a light color kajal. This will give your eyes a wide and focused look.

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