Creating a Shabby Chic Interior Decoration Style – Creating a shabby chic interior decoration is about being different. It doesn’t mean that your home is an ugly house that needs to be torn down. It doesn’t mean that you should go with the Dooney and Bourke look. Creating a shabby chic interior decoration means creating something that still has high style but has a worn look to it. You can create a beautiful, warm and cozy look in any home by simply choosing timeless pieces of furniture and art.

Add a Shabby Chic Vintage Look

Look for pieces with a worn or weathered look to them. For example, an old rocking chair might not have the vibrant color of a newer model but it will still look great. If you are feeling adventurous, try looking for reclaimed wood furniture. This will add a vintage look that is also rich in character. There are so many reclaimed wood products available today you will find just about anything you want.

If you love vintage lace then you can easily add shabby chic elements to your home by adding a lace window treatment or cover. You can get a beautiful ruffled valance that drapes the window in beautiful shabby chic style. Or if you want to keep it very simple, just add a lace throw over your window. Remember to get a matching pillow and comforter set because this is what completes the look for your shabby chic room.

Using Crystals in Shabby Chic Decorations

If you love crystal you can use that in your shabby chic decor. You can build a lovely chandelier that has a distressed look to it. Place crystal garlands around the doors and on top of any pillows you have chosen. Adding crystal jewelry is also a great way to pull together your shabby chic theme. Try picking up a few crystal pieces that you love – some filigree and some smooth.

Don’t forget about candles when decorating with shabby chic. One idea is to take a cheap glass vase and fill it with sandalwood. Fill the rest of the vase with cotton balls so the candle doesn’t light on them. Another idea is to fill a large container with water and place a candle inside. Just be sure to move it periodically to prevent the candle from scorching.

Changing White Furniture Colors Into Bright Accessory Colors

You don’t have to limit your shabby chic decor to white. If you are feeling adventurous, you can turn your white furniture and focal pieces into brightly colored accent pieces. Add some frilly floral accents like frangipani to accent chairs and end tables. You can even paint your door handles silver or gold to match your accent colors.

Don’t forget that it’s all about texture. Adding some knick knacks to your shabby chic room will add depth, style, and interest without taking up room. Remember, shabby chic is all about texture and using items that are worn, dirty, and used often will add a lot more texture than something that is pristine. Knick knacks don’t have to be just buttons: you can easily find interesting ways to use coins, beads, and other unique objects that can give your shabby chic room an antique look without taking up too much space.

To complete your look, add some fabric and tapestries to your room. This is a great way to pull together the elements that you have selected. Remember that you can always change things around later if you feel like a change is necessary, so don’t get stuck on the basics at first. Shabby chic is very versatile and can really help you give any room a nice personal look. If you try it, you might just love it!

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