Four Benefits of Small Contemporary Kitchen Designs – Small modern homes are often smaller in size but there is no reason why you should not enjoy having a small contemporary kitchen. With the help of a small contemporary kitchen ideas, you can transform your small home into a modern living area with all the convenience and comfort of a larger kitchen. A small contemporary kitchen is ideal for a number of reasons. Here we look at a few.

Small Contemporary Kitchen Design Remodel

More space A small contemporary kitchen design kitchen remodel kitchen project will free up a lot of valuable floor space. Placed against a window facing North/East or South/West, these small sized kitchens will permit you to use your sitting or dining room without completely blocking any of the sun’s light. The best part is that small backsplash designs also enhance the smallness of the kitchen thereby creating a very cozy feel.

More storage space If you have a small dining area but no cupboards then a small contemporary kitchen remodel will add plenty of functional space on the walls for storing small kitchen appliances and utensils. You can even install under the counter cupboards for placing utensils on the table without risking damage or bending the shelf. Under the counter cupboards will also help you save a lot of space as you will not need to go in for wall mounted cupboards. A small backsplash design also helps in adding useful storage space.

Advantages of Remodeling a Contemporary Small Kitchen

Functionality without cluttered looks Another advantage of small contemporary kitchen remodel is that you can enjoy having beautiful looking cabinets but with minimal storage capacity. You can choose colors of cabinets that blend with the color of the walls and floors. While the beauty of the cabinet may be compromised, the functionality of your cabinets will not. In such a case, wall cabinets are ideal since they offer you maximum storage capacity. They can also match well with modern day appliances like stoves, microwaves etc.

Use of efficient heating Another important benefit that you get with small contemporary kitchen remodel is the efficient heating system that you can have installed. Today’s gas stoves and ovens come with sufficient heating capacity that you can use to prepare all kinds of meals. The best part is that these systems don’t create much mess inside the kitchen. You can keep stovetop, cupboard and storage cabinets completely clean and dust free since the heat generated is very minimal.

Small Modern Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

Use of small range hood Today, many people use high efficiency ranges that consume less fuel and are more environmentally friendly. A small range hood is ideal for providing efficient heating for the small kitchen area. It does not take a lot of space outside the kitchen. You can install it on the wall and use it to cook and grill food. With the help of a small range hood you can also save a lot of energy as you don’t need to open the doors of the storage cabinets to release the smoke.

Compact size The most important aspect to consider while remodeling small modern kitchens is to ensure that you get the right dimensions of the room. Make sure that the size of your kitchen is proportionate to the size of your house or your dining area. This way you won’t face any difficulty while conducting kitchen tasks. In addition you can also avoid overcrowding at your home when there are a large number of guests at home. A spacious kitchen will make your kitchen look spacious and inviting.

The right accessories It is also essential that you choose the right accessories for a small kitchen design. Stainless steel appliances go well with contemporary and small, modern kitchens. Ceramic pots and glass bowl work best with rectangular spaces. If you want to save storage cabinets and utilize more space, go for clear glass shelves instead of coloured ones.

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