How Do I Make My Room Look Nautical? – “How do I make my room look nautical?” This is the question most asked by a person who has moved to a place with the sound of waves crashing along the shore and the sun setting on a golden beach. This is also the question most asked by a person who wants to change the theme of his/her living room. A seaside motif is great for living rooms but not if it is opposite your own taste. But what are some options to make your room look more nautical?

Decorating with Wallpaper

nautical home design

You can always buy wallpaper that reminds you of the sea. Logos or pictures that have waves or stars on them are also available in different designs. You can also use these elements when decorating your walls. Your wallpaper and other wall decorations should not have anything that looks like a flag or an insignia; otherwise, it will be like imitating what they are like.

Choosing Curtains

nautical home design

Curtains can be used to do the trick as well. When choosing curtains, one should pick those that come in shades of blue, green, or purple. These colors all look good with a nautical theme and even look similar to the background curtains. One should choose curtains that are at least twice the width of the wallpaper in order to create a three-quarter length curtain that looks like the bottom part of a sail. Some people use this type of curtains with some plain white paint to create a design where it resembles a rooster’s feet.

Other accent pieces include seashell patterns and shells. This is one way to incorporate a nautical motif into your house without having to worry about mimicking something that is on the actual ship. You can find this type of accent furniture in shops where sewing is done. If you are good with needlework, you may also end up making the curtains yourself. However, if you are not very good at needlework, you can look for stores that sell ready-made accent curtains that you can buy and stitch yourself.

Nautical Theme

nautical home design

The key is to have all of these elements and accent pieces in order to create the look you want. If you are going for a nautical theme, you need to have seashells and seagrass in the room. You can easily find these products in a variety of different colors. If you wish, you can even buy some faux pearls that look like shells or seagrass.

Tropical Theme

nautical home design

If you like a more tropical theme, go for candles that are shaped like sea stars or boomerangs. There are also some candles that look like waves or seagulls. Candles in the shape of flags, anchors, or mermaids will also look great when placed on end tables. If you like a romantic theme, a clock that looks like a compass is also another great idea.

Decorating with Picture

nautical home design

One great way to finish off the look you are going for is to hang up pictures of seashells and other natural items on the wall. You can also purchase nautical-themed wallpaper in the same colors as the curtains and the candles. This wallpaper will give the room an authentic look.

A great way to dress up your home and room is with sea shell objects. These decorative items come in a variety of colors. You can even have your whole bedroom decorated in seashell patterns. To add a personal touch, you can paint a picture on one of the pieces and frame it in the room. Hanging sea salt from the ceiling is another fun way to give your room an authentic nautical look.

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