Decorating Your Industrial Basement –┬áThere are many things that can make industrial spaces boring. But if you really want your industrial space to look grand, you must renovate it. In order to make your industrial space more presentable, it should be designed according to the following criteria. The room should have proper lighting; it should have a place to work without having problems of finding lights. Lighting can be one of the most important factors in industrial design. So, here are some ideas on how to make your industrial room a fun place to work.

Considering Lighting In Making Industrial Basements

The first thing that you should consider in making an industrial basement is lighting. Since an industrial basement is exposed to water, it should have well-lighted ceilings and floors. There are different types of lights that you can use in your basement depending on the purpose it serves. If you’re planning to use it as a game room, it should have some dark corners so you can set games like blackjack and poker. If you’re planning to use it as an office, you should light it up with office lights or fluorescent tube lighting.

If your industrial basement will serve as a workshop, then you can put some light fixtures in it. You can use fluorescent tube lights, recessed lights, or fluorescent lighting over concrete floors to highlight the area. It is also possible to put light fixtures over the ceiling to create an industrial ambiance. For a workshop, you should install solid state light fixtures over concrete floors to create uniform and clear lighting.

Installing Ceiling Mounted Light Fixtures

You should also consider installing some light fixtures for the ceiling of your industrial basement. It’s a good idea to install recessed ceiling lights so you can illuminate the entire ceiling. Another option would be ceiling fixtures that are recessed into the ceiling. This type of fixture would provide enough light for the entire ceiling area while not creating shadows. In this case, you can use ceiling fans to circulate the air in the basement. If you plan to put in fans, make sure you leave enough space between them and the ceiling to avoid drafting problems.

If you’re going to use the industrial basement as a workshop, you may want to install shelves in it. Some shelves are made with metal that may cause some health hazards if used inappropriately. You may want to put these in underground storage spaces to avoid any health risks. You can also put in racks for your tools and other items you may need to organize.

Key Tips for Using Basement Waterproofing

You should also consider waterproofing your basement. You should make sure that you waterproof the entire ceiling and floor. If you don’t, you will risk having leaks and mold build up in your basement. If you’re not going to use it as a workshop, you can cover the exposed ductwork. However, if you have exposed ductwork in your industrial basement, it’s best to waterproof it completely.

You may also want to consider using tile or wallpaper as a cover. If you already have exposed ceiling and floor tiles, you can paint or stain the tiles to create different shades for your industrial basement. You can achieve many different shades by simply using different shades of paint or stains. This allows you to easily coordinate your paint job with your other decorative projects in your home.

Having an industrial basement doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. You can create your own cozy sofas, tables, chairs, lighting, and even a coffee table in your basement space without spending too much. You should choose the style, color, and design of your basement furniture based on your needs and preferences. You can also add more amenities such as a steam room or home gym to your finished basement. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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