How To Decorate Your Nautical Home Office – What does it take to design a nautical home office? How about creating a home office that is inspired by a beautiful Caribbean island? How about a nautical office that resembles a pirate ship? Or even a home office inspired by the days of yore – a wooden boat?

Tricks to Get Nautical Themed Furniture

With this thought in mind, you can get nautical themed furnishings, accent wall color to match, and accessorize with sea shells, anchors, an anchor chain, and an eye-popping lighthouse sign. This will give your room the appearance of a sea vessel. For example, add a nautical themed picture frame with sea shells on it. A white storage unit with a gray backdrop and sea shells on it would be perfect for your desk.

If your room has a computer desk, then you can add a nautical theme by adding an ocean blue print or two to your walls. Add some sea shells, starfish, tropical fish or other sea creatures to your accent wall. Hang a coconut palm with a palm tree on it. Add blue textiles and seashells to your blue desk and use bamboo curtains as your window shade. This would be a very sophisticated and elegant sea nautical home office.

Characteristics of a Nautical Home Office

A nautical home office would not be complete without a nautical desk. A sea captain would certainly love to have one. An all-white desk with a large open area for writing or drawing would look perfect. A desk like this is very functional because it is easy to write on; it keeps the hands away from the keyboard and also provides a place to sit while working. If you are into sewing, then you could purchase some blue denim curtains and have a small nautical pattern printed on them. You could also purchase a small, round white storage unit and place a fabric shade over top of it.

For a more modern look, you could create a nautical home office that has a classic coastal home office look to it. If you are decorating a bedroom, you can create a unique look by using an over-sized comforter with a red and white paisley pattern. Over-sized bedding that is made of chenille, Terry cloth or cotton would look great along with an ocean blue print or sea shell print. Using upholstered chairs in the same pattern as the bed would provide a very sophisticated and elegant look.

Using a Sea Lamp on the Table

In addition to the upholstered chairs, you should also have a nautical lamp on the desk. The shade of the lamp should be the same color as your curtains and it should be the same size as well. You can also add a glass display area with marbles or other marine life for added flair.

Another great way to add a unique touch to the walls of your home is with accent wall panels. These panels can be purchased ready to hang or you can make them yourself out of several different materials. If you decide to make them, you will need to measure the dimensions of your room first so that you can find the right size paneling. Accent wall panels can be used to add warmth and interest to a room as well as provide storage options. They can be used to cover the entire wall or they can be framed in a particular way that provides interesting visual interest. A good method to use when framing these panels is to leave a frame part uncovered and leave the rest covered with a sheer white material.

One of the main reasons that people choose to decorate their homes in tropical colors and accents is because it makes the home look more interesting and larger than it really is. The reason being that when most people think of a coastal home, the first thing that comes to mind is typically a large ocean blue color. Coastal homes are usually located on the beach or around a body of water. Since you do not want your room to look like a walk-through tunnel, you can easily achieve this by using a ocean blue as the primary color and use a few neutrals or darker colors throughout the room for accents. With these ideas in mind, you should be able to decorate your home office in a style that will help it to not only look cozy but also complete with a sense of space and nautical sense.

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